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This is my dog, who is called Peggy. It was tricky to try and get a image of her as she didn't like the sound the camera did when focusing, so she kept running away. Luckily I was able to take a image and here it is.



Well, unfortunately my dogs time has come. She passed away today at 3:15pm (UK time) after having a seizure. She was 13 going onto 14, so she was quite a old dog. Thanks for the happy memories Peggy you greedy dog.

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Here's Roxxi. . happy we were back from Vacation, and she's not in medical boarding any more


she heard us opening suitcases and was hoping for a treat from inside one.



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Just found out....


While Adele was here for two sold out concerts in Vancouver yesterday and Wednesday nights,

she popped into the only Cat Cafe in the country on Tuesday (many cats to pet while enjoying your

latte), and took a fancy to a striped one named Larry, who could care less about the attention, lol.

She didn't adopt him, of course, since she is "on tour," and she does have a little dog of her own.


No photos to show, but thought I'd mention it here.

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My currently snuggly is laying next to me right now, just like in this pic 13466169_598446283657898_166353635394648264_n.jpg?oh=fb78f957204adbad3f4fa8a5b7e24a91&oe=582D1DCD


One of these days I'll get the video edited together. He follows me everywhere I go, so it was easy to take footage of him taking footage with my GoPro.



Here's a recent pic ... sign of the times



This picture was taken in 1999. These two rescues were my world. RIP babies <3


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^ I can see in that last shot, that Emily is enjoying taking the photo, too.


Our cat Stella would have none of it. She'd tear whatever we put on her, apart...and then tear us apart, lol!

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Haha. Yeah, cats are kind of on their own programs. It's pretty hard to get them to do something that they really don't want to do.


Sometimes cats can really crack me up while I'm at work. I've been in a lot of really heated situations where people are yelling at each other and on the brink of tearing at each others' throat, while on calls for service. Cursing at the top of their lungs with items being thrown around the house, where the taser may or may not be drawn on someone who is just a split second from going to jail. Meanwhile in the midst of all of the chaos, the innocent house cat carelessly strolls into the room and rubs up against my leg while arching its back, before casually moving along. It's made me chuckle, after the fact. Like the cats are so used to it that they give two sh*ts about the raging battle happening in front of them.

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^ ...And where the heck did you get that butter?!! Butters looks purrfect, btw.


It's okay, I just read it upside down-ish. But...Walgreens? Easter???


I got nothin'.

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It is with sad regret to announce that I lost my Snowshoe Siamese, Alexis last night after having her in my life for 17 wonderful years. It tears me apart because as we all know, they are like one of the family.


Today was so bad that I didn't even go in to work. My weekend was horrible as I watched her just go downhill fast. She had no disease...just old age, but it's still hard.


My beautiful princess, Alexis


In her favorite spot - on the arm of the couch so she could be within petting reach of Daddy's chair. She never was a lap cat and was always shy because she had been abused before I adopted her and her sister.

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^ Thanks Bill...she was a VERY sweet cat.


Very timid and shy because of the abuse that her previous owners idiotic, stupid teenage friends did to her (the owner said that they put her in a laundry hamper and a dryer one time - uggh). Due to that, she was always skittish and never wanted to be picked up - even up until the very end.


Her sister was the exact opposite and loved people and affection whereas Alexis pretty much shied away from strangers (although she would let Michael pet her). She would only come to you on her terms and one of the deals was the arm of the couch (almost an arm length away), because she was too shy to sit in anyone's lap, including mine!

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