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^ Awwwwwww Stella would just LOVE him as an appetizer!


While he never really bothered my cat when she was alive, he doesn't care much for other animals on "his turf". Well, to be fair...he isn't real big on other humans being on "his turf" either.

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^ it's always "the little ones" ya gotta watch out for, right?


Her Madge, wiped out from the day's heat, cooling off, as best She can. July 1/17 ~ Canada Day!

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^ Awwwwww so cute she is!


Since there's Great Pyrenees in her, how big do you think she's going to get?

We have a couple of those dogs in the neighborhood and they are MASSIVE,

when we see them being walked, lol! Bigger than the classic St.Bernards, we felt.


Thought I would ask. And she's definitely a keeper!


Stella, in one of her favourite resting 'nests.' Under the hedge.

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Our poor Stella has had the "Cone of Shame" on her for the past week, now.

Thankfully, this one is clear, so she has more visual range, than before with

that awful white one.


But - she's got it on until Monday. Then the vet will decide if it's okay for it

to come off. The top "bruise" is a (probable) cat bite that she's getting meds for.


The lower "bruise" we're all still not sure of, but thankfully, nothing of it is cancerous (whew!).

So they're going to look at her on Monday, the collar probably comes off, but then,

we're planning to keep her inside for just a couple more days.


And even though she is probably totally disgusted with it (as she is a Bengal-cross,

she is mainly an "outdoor cat", right?), she is using the cat box and not bitching about it, LOL!


Good kitty.


David and a not-so-happy puss.


Bruises on back, cone on front.


She's doing A-OK with it, even when sleeping. (o: (Taken a couple of days ago.)

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Rikki and I adopted this fuzzball, Moby, about three years ago next month. I've never met a cat with as much energy as him; he'll easily spend three straight hours playing and will drag his toys around the apartment following you in order for you to take the hint. He's also incredibly cuddly and will usually jump up and wrap himself around our necks whenever we come home from work, purring up a storm. Below are a couple of the hundreds of pictures that have now dominated my phone's photo library.


Chilling at the top of his cat tower.


Sitting on Rikki's head after we came home for the day.


Tuckered out after playing.


Also tuckered out after playing.

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Time to spoil my (probably) very sick dog more than I already do. He's made it to 12-13 years, so he had a fairly good life, but that doesn't make it any easier. All I can do now is hope that the biopsy shows it isn't as serious as the vet currently suspects it is.





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I have an 11 year old beagle. She's surprisingly quiet and relaxed for a beagle...unless she sees food. If she sees food, she goes crazy.



This is my beagle when she sees food.


Clearly she wants my cookie.


And clearly she doesn't want her gourmet dog treat I bought her.


But at the end of the day she's happy.

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