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The only pet we have (except for 4 fish in an aquarium) is my daughter Caitlin's guinea pig "Dusty".


Why Dusty? When we first got her (she's almost 4 now) and we would let her run around in our sunken living room to play. She got in behind some furniture and found a dust-bunny. When she came out, she had the dust-bunny stuck on her. We called her Dusty and that point and it stuck.


So much for the cleanliness of the house.


Dusty the wonder GP

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^^Wow! Where the heck did you get the infamous "Man Raping" Face Hugger from Alien/Aliens?


Actually this was a "pet meeting". One of my SGI's and that Face Hugger of a friend of mine he had bought for *much* money from the original Alien filmset (Alien II. AFAIK, he even showed me the scene where it actually showed up for a moment)


Ah, yes, that "pet meeting". Glad it did not work out into a full "pet mating".




BTW: he's got an original Egg too, so we could have started breeding!


A cozy menage a trois. Some out-of-this-world-species having a friendly and understanding encounter.

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Here's our menagerie


Princess, full grown at 9 months.


Princess, our American Eskimo, looking like a dancing bear as a puppy.


Stagger Lee, our newest rescue.


All of the guinea pigs outside playing.


Sugar working undercover!


Sugar, our second rescue.


Oreo, our pregnant guinea pig.


Coco, our only male guinea pig (for now).


Bandit. RIP


Tigger (our other male rat) being shy.


Spot, one of our male rats.


The female rats in their condo.


Ruby, our first rescue. RIP


Yogi (the 4th sister) along with Serenity and Serendipity.


Serendipity, Serenity and BooBoo (the one closet to the blue igloo). 3 of the 4 sisters as babies. RIP BooBoo.

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