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  1. Rogue 7 Hop IPA! Gotta love living next to the brewery...
  2. Wow, I cant believe I started this thread 8 years ago and its still going... Sunny and 63F, gotta love SoCal winters!
  3. Man, I wish our Legoland down here in California was as nicely done as that one! It always seems that we get screwed over theme park wise in Southern California...
  4. JB Weld!!! And a carburetor gasket. For $8.13 at Napa Auto Parts.
  5. Well after seven days straight of nice sunny weather spent at work, my one day off today of course is cold and wet...
  6. I paid $3.89 the other day to fill up my Mustang at a brand new Chevron down here. It seemed like the pumps are a different design because Ive never had such a problem filling up my car with gas leaking. (I have a 1967 Mustang and gas tends to leak out the fill area while refueling.) Its in the middle of the back of the car common Ford!
  7. Ill be at work till 7:30ish and then I will be off to Legoland to watch their fireworks... Should be fun... Ill miss BBQ ribs though
  8. The last one for me was The Police. It was alright but I didn't like the new twists on their classics... That was probably the worst venue I have ever been to also... The Cricket Wireless Amphitheater in Chula Vista down by T.J... The workers there seemed clueless and incompetent as to managing traffic, parking, and crowds inside the place.
  9. I filled up my Mustang at $4.79 yesterday... I love getting 9MPG! At least I don't have to run premium though... My brother says he puts in about $100 to fill his BMW... What a joke!
  10. Man, I cant belive this is still going. I thought it would be gone along time ago. Anyway, in Carlsbad it is around 80.
  11. Well, I have been going through and listening to all The Beatles albums. Right now I am on disc 2 of the White Album and listening to Revolution 9. The weirdest song I've ever heard. Eight minutes of noise...
  12. A Knott's tee shirt, navy blue shorts and sandals. Gotta get those feet tanner.
  13. I like McDonald's better. I guess it is because I don't really go to Burger King. The last time I went to BK was in New Jersey in 2003 for breakfast but I ate a burger from there for the first time since 2002 probably a few weeks ago.
  14. I wear those impossible to find PF Flyers, and I also wear Converse...
  15. My favorite meal and last meal was lunch. I went to Vons for a sandwich and then i went to Rite Aid for a scoop of ice cream.
  16. Lets see... Space Mountain @ DL Stealth @ PGA Does Flashback count? Theres more but I cant name all them...
  17. Yea, Robb does. Its simply "robbalvey".
  18. Why does it not make sense? The Los Angeles Dogers have promotional give aways and it says that that is one of them. I dont know if its correct, but it should be.
  19. I do the "Arms down but not holding on" because I think people look like such idiots when they put their arms up in the air.
  20. Is Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights back in California?! On the Los Angeles Dogers' website they have a promotional giveaway for 50000 Hollywood Horror Nights buy one get one free tickets. So I guess Hollywood has Horror Nights again!! Heres the link... Look at Sept. 22 http://losangeles.dodgers.mlb.com/NASApp/mlb/schedule/promotions.jsp?c_id=la BTW if you didnt know, Universal Hollywood hasnt had Horror Nights in a while...
  21. I usually just leave my phone in the car, but if its some where like Belmont Park or any place with no rides that go upside down, I'll take it with me. Only if it would fit in my camera bag!
  22. Mountain Dew. The only soda that I think tastes good if you are hot.
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