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  1. They use Psyclone's trains in order to run it backward. Its actually a pretty fun ride. Can't ditch school to do this though (nor would I want to)!
  2. I saw body world at the science center in LA and found it to be fascinating. I see how it could make some queasy though...
  3. Another hint (That my friends never allow me to try, but I believe it should work)... get lunch at around 11 A.M., fore not many people eat that early. That way, you will both save the lunchtime rush, and you will be able to ride rides while people are spending an hour trying to eat lunch! EDIT: Or, you could just eat lunch at about 3 (inbetween lunch and dinner).
  4. It is...I just tried to send him two gmail invites so that he can have secondary accounts to use, but both were returned because of a full mailbox.
  5. I'll be in hell on 6/6/06.....school will still be in session
  6. I do not believe in this, but, it has to do with the numbers. Remove the 0's and slashes. 666 -The Devil (correct me if I'm wrong)
  7. Why didn't we start a new thread about the donkeys? It is only in our nature!
  8. My vote goes for "Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, and Robb Alvey likes to screw with the brains of everyone on this board" I think it fits....
  9. I propose a change of second avatar....I am proposing it, not demanding it. PLEASE!!!!!
  10. well, I only thought the show was OK last season, but I might check it out again this season, just to see a new and improved tumbler . PS: 100TH POST! ~YA~
  11. wouldn't moving a theme park be very expensive?
  12. Lets play the "guess what's next!" game..... my vote goes for tables (we have the walls, the food, but no place to put the food)
  13. Sounds like a lot of fun. Unfortunately, my high school got off of the list this year, and we may not be able to get back in before I am a senior. You really did get a lot of good rides in!
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