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  1. Yes, the one with the little intamin rocket around Have you ever laughed so hard while eating, that food came out of your nose?
  2. I've/been so high/I've/been so down/Up/to the skies/Down/to the ground
  3. so THAT's why people gave me these strange looks in California
  4. I'm not listening to any music at the moment.
  5. No Have you ever walked down the lift on a coaster?
  6. This will be my font on every post untill the extra avatar is removed.
  7. What the HELL is that ugly picture doing above my avatar!???!! Remove it or I'll never post here again.
  8. ...and you haven't even seen the noun's "system" (if you can call it that ) yet!
  9. Desperado was totally awesome when I rode it, not rough at all, but very bumpy! (which is a good thing) Desperado is my #3, after X and Nemesis
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