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  1. Most probably then, that Spinning Coaster Track Tennis may have the very same problem with eventual infringements.
  2. Giovanolafan, you are aware that you have just taken copyrighted material from another website and reposted it here? Are you? Unless you have explicite permission by the owner to re-use his writings, you better immediately take all of that out of your post and make up your own writing.
  3. Vekoma Fan Boy, no one will be able to agree on your theories of dummy blocks, you're just plain wronk. You simply cannot have a block brake which is incapable of entirely stopping the train under any circumstances! You also seem to mess up blocks with trims. In other words: Block brakes MUST be able to completely stop the train. There are no exceptions! Also, any halted train on a block brake MUST be able to complete the rest of the circuit on its own, after releasing the brakes again.
  4. Even with taking no credits, this might easily be considered track theft or at least uncalled abuse. You always could do that privately "at home" for yourself, but messing with other people's tracks in public is just *not* the way to go.
  5. Just pointing to some related reading: http://capital2.capital.edu/admin-staff/dalthoff/coastercar.html
  6. I hope you are aware that you can only take this track for your very own "personal education" at home, but not anywhere upload your modified version of it? FYI: Unless you have explicite approval from the track's original creator this would be plain stealing, and most probably get you into troubles.
  7. How dare you claim "The on[e] has too much banking"? You haven't even got Nolimits, as can be seen from your latest post. It might well "look as if it had too much", but that's strictly in the eye of the beholder. Otherwise, this banking is no less than a distinct statement of the track's creator, who may have overdone it a little or not, however wanting it just in that way. In any case(!) it was clearly intended(!) for a certain ride experience. You may always say "I like it" or to "I do not like it". coasterfan200692, you are leaving a very bad impression with any such statement. What you are doing by saying "This has" with an issue like this is not at all well mannered critisizm. Neither is this expressing some personal opinion! Therefor, however crappy, mediocre or great this track might be (I do not know!) IwantRevenge's comments perfectly match your questionable dogmatic claims. Nuff said...
  8. Why not get the original cartex templates firsthand? http://www.nolimitscoaster.de/download.htm#cartexture
  9. Not any need to... Simply get most recent version of AHG 1.6: http://home.arcor.de/busterinwg/NL-AHG_v1_6.zip (OR: http://home.arcor.de/busterinwg/NL-AHG_v1_6.rar ) P.S. Besides that, distributing some .DOC-files is a threat to anyone downloading it. Word .DOC files are prone to distribute Viruses and other malware! A simple .TXT-file would have done the job as well, and even way better (safer!).
  10. Looks like the second one stolen by him. Just like that one: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=406099
  11. Of course not! It seems to be plain stolen, just like that "Mystery Mine Tower" http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=36567 For the original upload of "EXE" by "Mephisto" aka "NLgamer" see here: http://www.rct-world.com/files/25871.html
  12. Ah well... "pumping"... all these misconceptions and half-truths again... no, pumping is NOT about any radius changes in general, this is a very distinct phenomenon. "Pumping" == from any *unintentional* radius change, where a certain geometry (like circle, ellipse, parabola, clothoid) is not followed the way it originally was meant to be... AND / OR "Pumping" == from failing to use enough vertices for resembling any such geometries, since the beziers used in NL are not able to represent these geometries, when used over larger turn angles and/or with longer segments. the radius will then "wobble", where a gradient change should have been Now please pay attention: Radius changes on real life coasters that might cause "pump-like" movements are very common in fact. Any plain parabola will show such an effect. Nevertheless, all these real life shapes are made up of combinations of *exact* geometries! Hence these effects are *in no way* similar with the "pumping" that's often occurring in NL-tracks. To precicely resemble such real life "pump-like" motions within NL, one has to entirely re-create the according geometries, which naturally will require top notch track shaping. Thus, any of the above causes of "pumping" in NoLimits are *entirely* the designer's failure, and can't even be blamed on any technical shortcomings of editor or sim. Finally, anyone claiming that his NL-track is "pumping" just because some real life counterparts *seem* to do too, is either clueless, severely misinformed, or just a lazy liar. P.S. You do always ride last car in NL as well? Do you? EDITS: spelling && "last car in NL"
  13. Then your dictonary is simply erroneous! Dump it! These nasty "Alptraum" (wronk!) versus "Albtraum" (correct!) spelling wars are as old as there are people speaking german. Still many many, and even more just don't get it. The german "Duden", which is to be seen as THE Reference Dictionary in any final spelling questions, does indeed contain an entry on "Al_p_traum", but that one is only there to point to the actually correct "Al_b_traum" entry. Go see by yourself: http://www.duden.de/suche/index.php?begriff=Alptraum&bereich=mixed http://www.duden.de/suche/index.php?begriff=Albtraum&bereich=mixed Nuff said...
  14. ^ when you ckecked Babelfish, you trusted the internet... When I check the internet, I don't get anything to trust!
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