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  1. Can anyone who's been to SFMM in the past few days or lives in the area tell me about the weather? My girlfriend and I are planning to make the trip from San Diego to go to SFMM tomorrow, but it looks like it's going to be 100 degrees in Valencia, which worries me. I know there's trees, mist machines, etc. but do you think it's worth it to come this weekend or will it be unbearably hot? Also, how are crowds on Fridays typically?
  2. I'm just speculating here, but isn't it possible that the second launch can separate the track into two blocks as well? Let's say train 2 doesn't make it over the final hill and rolls back, while train 1 is still somewhere in the first block. They will both end up stopped in the launch section, where they can be evacuated, launched separately, whatever. I'm not sure if something like that has been done before, but it would theoretically work, no?
  3. I saw The Kills early this year in May. So good.
  4. Is anyone else bothered by X2's roughness? I went there on Sunday, and right after the fire the second raven turn really smashed my head around. My head hurt for the rest of the day and still does when I move it quickly. The last time I went, which was when it was still "X", I hurt my leg in the same part of the ride. This time I remembered to keep my legs in place but the raven turn was really rough on my head. I didn't want to ride it again even though there was no line because I didn't want to to do any more damage. I rode tatsu about 5 times after that, which was ridiculously smooth and comfy. By the way, second to last row of the train (when it's above the track), outer seat.
  5. ^ Can you really run it on the "very high" setting? Because that's the only one that involves DX10. I have to run it on medium with my 7900GT =( Oh and you can get the DX10 settings on windows xp with some changing of the config files. yup...
  6. OMG. Imagine, if horror games like F.E.A.R. were made with this kind of 3d sound O_O. I don't think anyone would play. It's scary as hell as it is.
  7. Here's mine. It's very simple with very few icons. Original resolution was 1440 x 900 but it's been resized
  8. ^ Not necessarily. My computer runs Prey at 1600X1200 with all the highest settings at well over 40 frames/sec but still lags when it comes to very big parks in RCT3.
  9. Oh wow this thread is an excellent idea! Several times I have had a comment or question about SFMM but didn't think it's worth making a whole thread about. It's also great to see your updates again. I was missing the Tatsu updates so much.
  10. Just out of curiosity, what IS your video card? Even many high end cards start to lag with big parks
  11. Hmmm.. Worm should know something about Tower of Terror. Anyways, I think it's mainly an issue of how long the Gs are sustained. Even a relatively low amount of Gs for a long amount of time can cause a blackout/greyout. Just look at Goliath at SFMM; I'm pretty sure the helix pulls no more than 4 Gs, but it just keeps going for a very long time, and many people grey out on it. I don't think 6 or more Gs for a split second would be a risk to the human body. The problem seems to come when high Gs are sustained for a long period of time. As for the eyes gouging out and such, that would only happen if the Gs were pushing in that direction right? If the Gs are from a pullout or helix it should just pull everything down into the direction of the chair. Well, it's something to think about.
  12. Your graphics card needs to fully support DirectX 9.0 in order for the reflective water to work. Whether or not DirectX 9 is installed, if your graphics card doesn't support it it will not display the water correctly. On the other hand, there's the possibility that it's disabled in the options menu. Check whether "Use reflective water" is enabled.
  13. 2. I think the tightness of the lift is mainly important for reasons of realism. Look at the top of the lift hill of any B&M coaster. It usually is much tighter than yours and doesn't occupy nearly as much of the actual lift as yours does. 3. These sudden banks bothered me as well, and I find it hard to believe that you didn't know what he was talking about since they're pretty obvious in the track. Just to clarify, I made a video of a few instances of this sudden banking which is attached below. Why is this banking an issue? First of all, its very unrealistic. The sudden lateral Gs caused by this banking, while not in the red, would definitely result in some very serious headbanging. One way to fix this is by tweaking the filters a bit. I would also recommend using bigger lead-ins and lead-outs on those turns. Here's a few problems I found. A few of them were probably stated earlier. - Top of the lift hill needs to be tighter, for reasons stated above. - It looks like you might have used too high of a heartline value. This is visible at the beginning of first drop. Heartlining is meant to reduce the lateral Gs to somewhere near zero, and the excessive banking of the first drop actually creates laterals of up to 0.7 in the opposite direction, thus defeating the whole purpose. - I was a bit annoyed by the use of the tunnel on the first drop. I just don't see how it enhances the ride experience at all. - ALOT of the transitions were bad, some of which are a result of the banking issues mentioned earlier. - The first loop is too stretched out. Just take a look at it from above to see what I mean. There's nothing inherently dangerous about this, but I don't see the reason for making it in that way. - The dive loop is very misshapen. In fact, the first time I rode it, I thought I was entering a zero-G roll. There was just too much of a top section on this. If it helps, I think theres an elementary dive loop wizard somewhere on weeweeslap. Don't ask me where, I have no idea. - The pacing sucked, especially toward the end of the ride. It started out with a good amount of speed, which could have easily been used to your advantage, but many of the elements were just too large, and it looks like if the MCBR didn't completely stop the train the sudden banking would have gone in the red. - A helix of around 1.5 Gs (The one with the ice) is just boring IMO. -The supports looked sloppy in several places. I know they were mostly custom and must have taken a good amount of time, but they were totally unrealistic when you look at them close up. The 3ds was nice, especially in a track like this where I would not have expected it. The ice theme was a good choice, and the ice on the top of a few of the elements was a nice touch. The layout itself wasn't terrible, it was just ruined by other aspects of the ride. I hope that was beneficial in some way. banking.wmv Here are some of the "sudden banking" instances that stood out.
  14. Ninja at SFMM last Sunday! After climbing the hill of death to go up on Sky Tower for the first time I figured I might as well do Ninja as long as I was up there. It was a walk on just like everything else that day except for Tatsu. (Yes, X was a walk on too)
  15. Today I saw someone in the first row of Tatsu holding a medium sized camcorder, and none of the ride ops did anything about it despite the "no loose articles" rule. For them to then not allow someone to wear glasses seems terribly inconsistent.
  16. AHG is very simple to use.. input start speed, end speed, and number of segments then load a track with the section you want to heartline. Then tweak the filter so that it's just right. But at this point I would work on your track design before worrying about the AHG. Just like the smoother and all the other tools, they won't make your track a good track just because you use them. Oh, if you need to convert mph to m/s for the ahg, you can simply type into google: "X mph to m/s" where X is your start or end speed from the simulator. Start with a vertex every 2 meters (track length in the statistics window divided by 2) and a filter of 100. Set the filter higher or lower as needed.
  17. Never smoked, but I know at least two family members that do. One is 54 and the other is 81 . Let me tell you, it's very saddening to see the effect on them (coughing, wheezing breath, faster aging etc.) I wish you the very best of luck. You can insult me whenever you want if that helps. lol.
  18. I never understood this logic. It's usually the airtime-based coasters that have only lapbars. But if the whole point of the OTSR is to keep the rider in their seat, then wouldnt the airtime coasters need them more than the inversion coasters? Since inversions usually push you into your seat and airtime pulls you out of it, it would seem that the looping coasters would be the ones without OTSRs. Or is the whole concept of OTSRs just to make the rider THINK they're safe without serving any real purpose?
  19. Xcelerator and most other launched coasters scare the crap out of me. The anticipation of waiting to be launched is just so intense. It's gotten to a point where it's not the enjoyable kind of scary but the very disturbing type. Of course after the launch it's all very fun, but the anticipation fright usually means I only ride it once that day. Even S:TE kinds scares me. It's not about how intense the launch is, its about not knowing just exaclty when it's going to happen. Wow, my heart started beating a bit harder just typing this post and thinking about it. lol.
  20. ^ click a trackpiece, press G, check "individual colors" and set the color to black by clicking the box next to main track color.
  21. All you have to do is color the spine on areas with negative Gs black and it'll fix that problem.
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