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  1. Right, the only reason I can think of is that they waited until now to process everyone's pass upgrades and all current pass barcodes were "expired" as a result. I still have my original proof of purchase so I'm not too worried about it now. It worked later that evening.
  2. Might be easy for some people. The system does not recognize my ancient 9 Park Plat pass even though the web site still says it still is valid. There are a lot of people on Facebook that are reporting the same problem. I’m sure things will be fixed soon.
  3. Anyone have any photos that they would like to share?
  4. It takes about a day before the online to work for your town unless you started playing before 5:00am this morning. I just had a small online session and it worked really well! Super cute how it works. It is pretty similar to the system from New Leaf.
  5. Oh my, it is actually here!! Yay! Friend Code: SW-0223-1097-9528 Town: Monkey Fruit: Apples
  6. Actually all the photos were from the queue area and in the main hall. I did not take any in the pre show room itself. I was able to see the pre show twice due to the count of how many people were in the room. It was pretty neat so no complains here!
  7. Here are the final batch of photos from DisneySea. I think the rest are evening photos. I did post a few photos from the new Soaring attraction here. Enjoy: More awesome attraction posters. Indiana Jones! Next visit! This again? Oh, alright... Purple buildings are scary! So, the listed time for Soaring got down to about 90 minutes so I decided to go ride it. The ride is pretty much the same as all the others (it switches out footage of The Eiffel Tower for The Tokyo Tower and it ends at DisneySea). The building and the backstory/pre show are certainly top
  8. This next group of photos is from Tokyo Disneyland when I hopped back and forth from DisneySea on my third and fourth days. I figure I will just lump my Disneyland photos together. Enjoy! I am not sure if this could count as a hidden Mickey. I decided to head on over to Tokyo Disneyland first. I like how the World Bazaar is covered. I know who these guys are. I finally took a photo of the castle. Also it is almost time for “Spooky Boo!” It maybe my all time favorite Disney parade. Well, it is right up there with the , “Boo To You” Parade during MNSSHP. Hi there
  9. ^ I walked around for about five minutes inside. I guess next time I shall go see it.
  10. Ok onto DisneySea! Yes it is an amazing park and I have photos to share. Things are a bit chaotic because I present them in the order that I experienced the park and I was in a bit of theme park shell shock. The photos do get a bit better in the last 1/3 of the report and they will in the next 2 updates. I tend to be short of words and like to post lots of photos so here they are: There is a lot of construction going on outside my hotel room. Yes, it is the huge expansion to DisneySea! I have to admit that I did not get up for park opening the next three days. I’m must be getting
  11. Tokyo Disneyland Part 2: Popcorn #2: Soy Sauce and Butter. It looked like that it was the most popular flavor of the day due to the size of the queue. I honestly thought it could have used more flavoring. Oh, I don’t care what anyone says. I love The Country Bears. My family always made sure to see this show every year in Orlando. I had to see it in Japan. Yay. Another classic Disney ride. Welcome Explorers Our boat arrives More Halloween decorations. Splash Mountain was good. I think it was pretty much the same as the one in Florida. Disney at night i
  12. I finally was able to visit the Tokyo Disney Resort last October as part of the TPR Japan trip. My #1 Theme Park goal has been Tokyo Disney for quite a few years now especially since I found about the existence of Disney Sea. After many false starts, I was able to finally make it there and it did not disappoint. I am going through many photos and I promise not to post all of them, though there still will probably be too many, lol. Anyways let us start: Tokyo Disneyland Part 1: Yes, I am beyond excited! Good morning Mickey! Maybe he is not a early morning rodent. The Grand Amb
  13. This music is pretty much what I remember from that day. trim.0494D3F2-9093-4412-9510-1B209B1F9795.MOV Trick or Treat music.
  14. I was able to spend an afternoon/evening in the far west side of Kyoto in the Arashiyama area. You can find a ton of monkeys at the Arashiyama Monkey Park. It is basically a mountain that you climb that has a bunch of monkeys at the top. You do get a nice view of Kyoto. The Arashiyama Bamboo Forest is nearby as well and worth the visit. Thanks for your photos.
  15. For me, Wild Eagle’s vest restraint suffocated me more than all the others. Valravn would cone in second. I did not have too much of a problem with Gatekeeper last time or Banshee when it opened. I am somewhat of a tall, thin, individual. I hope it is true that they adjusted the restraints as they simply ruin the ride for me.
  16. Seriously, my new favorite coaster shirt. I just love how simple it is. This is the artwork on the arms. Close up of the logo.
  17. Whenever I make it to DisneySEA, the Sindbad ride will be my most anticipated ride. I may go crazy buying all of the tiger merchandise.
  18. Don't rain on my parade of a trackless dark ride through the Mary Poppins Universe complete with a Lin-Manuel Miranda animatronic! That would be amazing!!!!
  19. I think the Mary Poppins attraction is more of a walkthrough attraction instead of a ride. At least that is how I am understanding the description.
  20. Some of those indoor queue photos started to remind me of the Kong: Skull Island queue at IOA. I found it hilarious that at the end of those series of photos was that King Kong ride. I am probably the only one dorkishly enough to find that funny. Looking forward to the rest. This random photo of Larry cracked me up.
  21. Just a quick revival my very old thread. I really had been away from this thread. Sorry about that. I figure I could post a few photos of my last visit. Feel free to click back to page one as this thread does go back to 2007. There are a ton of older park photos in here. Happy 20th Anniversary Plus One Day Universal. I never get tired of walking through this sign. I just wanted to post a few photos of the Jurassic Park area. There has been a ton of clearing in this area in preparation for the new coaster. Just a couple of weeks now till Hagrid opens.
  22. It took me years to finally find a item with my name on it with the correct spelling: I was really disappointed in what I found. Hard pass.
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