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Sexual Orientation

What's your orientation?  

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  1. 1. What's your orientation?

    • I'm a guy who likes girls
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The place I work for puts on a big pride parade and festival in Buffalo, this year it's making it's return.


Never been to either of the events before, and despite not knowing any of the performers, it'll be a fun time and I bought a witty shirt to wear, lol.


And my wife got a great one too....



Featuring performances and entertainment by Rebecca Black, Kornbread, Sonja Morgan (Real Housewives of New York) and Margaret Josephs (Real Housewives of New Jersey), Vogue Buffalo, BeBe, Jayme Coxx and Vanna Deux.

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^ the standout there (and likely to draw the biggest crowd) is Kornbread.

she was on the last season of RuPaul's Drag Race, and is an AMAZING performer.

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Rebecca Black is she of "Friday" fame, but she's actually grown into a really good artist and I'm glad she's managed to make it through the shit that everyone put her poor young soul through when that video went viral.

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This is a RANT as well as a "SHAME ON CBS" thing.

The Theatre Wing's annual TONY Awards took place last Sunday night. On it's regular network, CBS. Has been for years and years. But - the Best DIRECTOR of a MUSICAL, who won for directing the revival of "Parade," took to remembering what it was like to be bullied and being called "the F-word."

What he said was (more or less) "...and I am a Faggot who's just won a TONY!"

But that phrase was censored by CBS. You could see the audience totally erupt at this, and give him a long sustained applause.

He truly owned that awful word, with his speech. And he got censored for it.

Shame, CBS. You blew it. ☹️

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Our annual OUT ON SCREEN Film Festival, just wrapped up a ten day schedule last night. Lots of Shorts Collections this year. More than I ever remember, seeing before. A lot of good Feature Films, too. Best one was "1946", which looked at how the word "homosexual" did not appear in The Bible until.... that year. It's true! Really, an amazing documentary, with a lot of film shot in Canada. It is worth seeking out, if you ever get the chance to see it.

And during the Festival, lots of photo ops, heh. Also, I manage to 'decorate' my Passholder Pass (I am at "Producer Patron" i.e. monthly donations) every year, since 2008.

And here's a link to OOS' website. https://outonscreen.com/  Can't wait for next year's Festival! 🎥


Somebody always takes photos of us and my pass, every Festival. This was Opening Night, Aug.10/23.


My Passholder Pass and the Festival Program Booklet beside it.


The theme of the 'decor' on my pass, is always dictated by the Festival's Program booklet.

And I give thanks to Michael's Arts & Crafts in Vancouver, as well as any Dollar Tree store, which has the cheaper supplies. etc. 😀


...And I added stickers to the back of it, as well this year.


Clark and myself, having our photo taken for.... (David took this side pic of us, being 'taken'.)


Damn I hate those bags under my eyes! <sighs> Clark still looks as woofy as ever. 😋


Clark, Lisa and my David in their 'shot'. Great Festival!

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