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What kind of phone do you have?


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This was Verizon's version of the Razr back before they got it. Its a v710. I like it and it does what it should but over the last year is really started to lag. Verizon locked almost all the features to it and thus it really does nothing it is advertised to do. I plan on hacking it to unlock all the features. It has a SD card slot but I can't use any of the music as a ring tone...thats the main feature I will unlock.


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I think this thread must go up on Random forum because iPhone is becoming popular, and I want to know how many people have bought this expensive 'gadget'.


I got this beatiful device since last week, it's a Nokia N-95. I couldn't wait for iPhone because in my country it will not be available at least for next two months.


I love it, GPS device integrated, 5 MegaPixel photo camera with Carl-Zeiss lenses, stereo mini-speakers, stereo bluetooth headphones available, Wi-Fi... 2 and 3 dimension barcode reader and so on


And that's the rear view and the camera. It really looks like a common camera


Slide screen down for multimedia use


Slide screen up for calling and normal use


Front view, phone closed

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I have a (red) RAZR, now. Eh, i don't especially like it, but it serves its purpose. I really want a smart phone like the iPhone (except that doesn't have a keyboard, so its useless to me).


Oh well, it might not by an iPod/internet browser/phone/toaster, but atleast i helped fight AIDS.



^^ Wow, 15 and carrying that much technology in your pocket? Spoiled! j/k Hot phone man!


Hah,Thanks.I'm really into electronics and gadgets and crap like that.I'm already saving up for an iphone =D


Now that the iPhone is out, how about you ship me your "old" phone, bud?

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A Motorola v557, which replaced a v551 that stopped functioning. Can't say I'm overly thrilled with the phone, but I'm just biding my time until I can find a really good non-Moto slim phone that has all the features I want


AAgh I hate that phone so much. I used to have the same version as the photo and you could barely hear through it. Now I have to put it on speaker if I want to hear. Hopefully you'll have better luck than I did with the phone.


I just got this two days ago


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