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^Yay! A drummer! I teach drum lessons as part of my overall music teaching gig... I teach them stuff on the set as well as good ol snare rudiments and school/marching band type stuff. many of them like drum set better than regular percussion anyway... and it's good for the coordination.



Yay for drummers! 8)

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The last thing I bought was also the last thing on my Christmas shopping list...


I bought a black blazer from The Gap for a friend last night. It is normally $90, but my sister works at Banana Republic (owned by The Gap), and gets 30% off stuff from all three stores (Old Navy is the third), SO it was $60. I am not that generous with gift giving all the time though.

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After picking up 'stocking stuffers' via our local Safeway (candy, special teas, stuff like that) I went to our local liquor store and bought...


A 'mickie' of Capatain Morgan's (original) Spiced Rum!


I kid you not - that's what small liquor bottles used to be called, at least when I was young and (ahem) impressionable. This is a 375 ml size. Yay, metric! (Not the airline liquor bottle size, BTW. Bigger than that. Muuuch bigger.)


$12 Cdn for a bit of oomph to the egg nog, lolol.



You like your spiced rum with, or without EARS???

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