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  1. I'd give it a 6/10. I looked up Wes' "steps of a new coaster thread" thingy and showed it to my boyfriend before we went to the park... then we got off the ride and he jokingly said "OMG ejector air on the brake run and in the station! This ride can cure cancer!"
  2. Am I the only one who thinks this thing isn't the second coming? I rode it 3 times yesterday. Each time we got in line, the queue was completely full, but it only took about 30 minutes to get through with 4 trains running. We rode in the back of the blue train twice, and in the front row of the red train once. I don't understand what is supposed to be different about the "scenic" stuff... it always looked the same to me. I was disappointed about how vibratey the outdoor sections were, the transitions were really abrupt and I thought the second launch was uncomfortable. I liked the scenery inside the box and thought the drop track was fun. Overall, I think it's just like Italian Job Stunt Coaster on steroids. Fun, but not amazing. I'd rather ride Apollo, Griffon, or Alpengeist. If I had known how I'd feel about it, I would have skipped driving down there yesterday.
  3. Got the credit in 1994... Never rode it again. I always thought it was a bit odd looking in the park.
  4. I soooooooo want to watch that testing video but I also want to be surprised when I go ride it.
  5. The closest I EVER want to get to TJ is San Diego. You did it the right way though, I think driving a car over is much more of a hassle than walking and taking a cab!!
  6. I don't enjoy Starbucks' regular coffee (tastes burnt to me even when it's supposedly fresh), but I do enjoy a frappuccino on a hot day at Kings Dominion! I'll take one at Disneyland too! Although I'm more likely to grab a Jamba Juice on the way in... and their oatmeal is sooo good... I wish we had Jamba Juice in Virginia.
  7. I live a couple of miles away from that. I don't have the credit!!!!!!
  8. Oh yes, of course. See, I told you I am traumatized... my mind is all messed up now!!
  9. That was pretty fun to read. And since I had no idea, I actually bought it for the first few pictures... then I saw Spaceship Earth and my mind was blown.
  10. Nice!! Things I learned while searching for this clue: 1. I must go to the Dells. 2. I am very glad I didn't read the "Wisconsin" 2010 trip thread until now. Even now, I am slightly traumatized.
  11. This is awesome!! I wish I had the balls to do a trip like this by myself.
  12. Yes, Haunted Barrel Works is permanent. (What do I know, I live in VA? ... I grew up in Buffalo NY and visited Toronto frequently. )
  13. This definitely reads "We're cheap!" LOL. The cars are not fixable? Get new ones. Replace the track.
  14. ^That's how I feel about it... I'm sad I missed out on Rampage. But I seem to remember being told Megafobia is a lot like it, so at least I have ridden that.
  15. I talked to a ride op at the exit and he said part of the reason they stopped the spinning was because of people bringing drinks in there and spilling them... didn't make much sense to me. He also said they were gonna add some other effects in that part so take that for what it's worth... Although now that the spinning is gone I really have no reason to ride it any more cause that was the best part.
  16. *daydreams* night time Verbolten ERT... *drools* *wakes up* Huh? Oh. I've never noticed the control panel in the woods but I will be sure to check it out this weekend and try for a pic!
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