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  1. Let me join in on the praise for this ride. I did the filming yesterday and it was INCREDIBLE. My thighs are literally sore from getting slammed into the lapbar due to all the airtime (I got in over 20 rides.... Not necciaarilly by choice...) There is no moment on this ride that didn't blow away my expectations, and the dueling aspect brings SO much to the table. They really are trying to get the timing right for dueling. It's of course going to be very difficult, but let's give them the benefit of the doubt until it actually opens. The rides seems like a backseat ride to me, but I kept being chosen to be put in rows 3-5, so I couldn't honestly tell you, but it's still great in the front! Lol. That's me. I lost my wallet on the ride. Oops. Honestly, though, I have never been on a ride that is so willing to fling your stuff like that! I thought a back pocket wallet would be safe! Guess not.
  2. Ive always said its not just the lack of theming, it's not that Scream occupies land that was once a parking lot. But they didn't even take the time to paint over the parking lines, thats serious laziness. Coupled with the fact that it's never been painted since it was built and it just gives off the impression that the park doesn't care about it. It's not a bad coaster all things being equal, but it's seriously neglected and always has been. It should have been named Afterthought: The Ride. ^ Flashback, Psyclone, and Deja Vu were all coasters that necessitated removal due to condition. They didn't have a choice at all with Flashback and Psyclone, Deja Vu arguably they could have kept it but werent willing to deal with the maintenance headache. Different situations. Given that we're getting a new themed land with Colossus, do we reckon, or have we heard if Scream will be getting any new theming, or at least paint? SFMM seems to be pretty consistent with painting nearby rides when a new coaster d├ębuts, after all.
  3. I am a huge supporter of flat rides, as it seems most of us are, but I do wonder if SFMM even needs them. It's true, they're great complimentary attractions, but when you have a park with enough roller coasters to round out a day with leftovers to spare, how many people are going to schedule in time for a flat? I go on the flats at Knott's because I have to in order to stay for more than a few hours, SFMM doesn't have that problem. Also, to bring up a topic from a few pages ago, do you folks think the structure is wide enough to support two different tracks? Clearance between the two tracks isn't much of an issue when they never stray away from each other, their clearance envelope simply overlaps each other's, but if you have one track raising and one falling, suddenly where there used to be open space you have a bunch of supports. I'm not saying its impossible, I'm sure it is, but I'm also not sure it's as simple as we think it is...
  4. YOLO Plaza and the potential destruction of the tree got me thinking; how would we feel if SFMM was "Cedar Politicized"? As in, just gave up on the theming in general and just made a clean, simple well kept midway? I think the teeming, as minimal as it is, really adds to the park, then again I may just be nostalgic to my home park....
  5. Just to go back to the conversation on the previous page... I'm curious: What makes some freefall drop tower's "freefall" sensation better than others'? Obviously some mechanically pull you downwards faster than gravity, but as far as the Intamin towers go, don't they all just mechanically detach the gondola from the tower and let gravity take care of the rest? If that's the case, how is it even possible for any of them to have measurably different sensations? Its just all 0G, right? (Obviously there is friction due to the ride rails, but I doubt there is much difference there between the towers...) I'm just curious because there seems to be so many opinions based on what's better when, mathematically, at lest, they should all be pretty much the exact same....
  6. I'd imagine that it's because Vekoma is a budget option for parks who would like to build a coaster without spending huge amounts of money. Hyper coasters are expensive to build, afterall. I suppose its like asking why Hyundai doesn't make a super car. It's not quite their market.
  7. ^ Yes! I went on the chairlift-style ride at Sea World San Diego the other day and just about lost my mind! I never realized how terrifying those things are. They just seem so unstable! Mickey's Fun Wheel at DCA is an honorable mention from my childhood. Anything at SFMM was fine. That ride, though, traumatized me.
  8. YOLOCOASTER So it occurred to me that it isn't easily possible to make a full circuit roller coaster with a backwards launch in NoLimits, but like Walt Disney said, sometimes it's fun to do the impossible. With that in mind I set off on building a recreation of Full Throttle. I did it by making it run as a shuttle coaster with three different launch zones. The first one launches three times, forwards, backwards, than forwards again. The middle section brakes just the first pass, and the third section continues the final forward launch. It was all really complicated, so I hope y'all enjoy it! (By the way, the train will not complete the circuit since technically it's designed as a shuttle. Once you hit the final brakes, press 8 to return to the station. Small price to pay!) Tell me what you think! It was a quick build but a brain drainer as well! The Loop Stengel Dive Loop THingy Full THrottle terraform.nltrack
  9. I've always wondered how a roller coaster like this would handle a front flip. (Like a flyer's pretzel loop) I think a car like this allows for some crazy track design. I hope they build more!
  10. Idina Menzel and Megan Hilty I just saw Spring Awakening and i really think that it may be me new favorite show. I can't really even describe it... just so... good. Also, I'm doing a production of RENT early next year. Can't wait. =]
  11. I took some simple headshots to go in a program for a musical i'm doing this summer, though i'd post my fav since you TPRianshavn't seen my mug lately. haha. Headshot
  12. I was looking into possible songs to perform at a showcase (to help make money for a production of children of eden that i'm in) and i ran across Next To Normal's I'm Alive and i'm in love. Has anyone seen the show? How is it?
  13. ^ But "constitutional" doesn't mean that it's fair, just that it is legal according to the constitution. So really, if the majority puts it in the constitution, its constitutional, no matter what. Mandating that we're all painted orange on Wednesdays, punishable by death, of course, can be constitutional if we do so wish. =] I think constitutional amendments should be agreed upon with a supermajority vote, but thats another discussion.
  14. Speak for yourself! I own a Mini and I have friends who cannot at all fit comfortably in my car. Basically, if you're over six foot and in the passenger seat, your knees will be to one side, against the dash. But i'm 5'5 and i bought the car for me, so i don't care =]
  15. I'm incredibly happy Milk got the nods i think it so fully deserved. =] The movie was absolutely incredible. I cried... four times. Never have i left a movie theater so moved, so empowered, or so appreciative for what i have.
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