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  1. That's how talented Hillflyer is people. Spread the word throughout the enthusiast community, and maybe he can get some funding for future projects and to finish the Aeroplane model. This man is the Leonardo Da Vinci of roller coaster miniature model designers.
  2. Yes please hillflyer, just put it on hold. This roller coaster is THE LEGEND, Fred Church's ultimate, and needs a model of it built. You have done such an amazing job so far. I wish I could send you the money you need to finish it, but sadly I'm poor too. I'm an amusement park NUT, and I haven't even been to a park since 2012 because of my financial difficulties. Please let this be a temporary stop. This model is WORTH finishing when you are able. YOU ARE AWESOME.
  3. The bull crap of RCT and RCT2, or should I say the BIGGEST BS, is that Arrow hyper, Arrow/Vekoma looping, Vekoma SLC, and mine train tracks do not include the banked curving rise/fall piece that all the other tracks have.
  4. Yeah, but dude it's one thing when it's your passion and a fun pastime. You are a model building MASTER who shares his gift with the rest of us. YOU ROCK!
  5. Except that when the mid-course block brakes aren't applied heavily, the bunny hops on the Morgan hypers do provide airtime. I don't know where you got the info that Morgan hypers aren't supposed to have negative g's, but I always got the impression they were going for a less aggressive version of Magnum.
  6. Sorry to be a critic, but entrance only has 2 e's. You spelled it enterance. The scenery accuracy besides that is awesome.
  7. 1) The seats on the StarFlyer (Six Flags' Sky Screamers) are in pairs, so you could ride with a friend/family member if you're worried you won't hear the ride ops' spiel about remaining seated or the okay to disembark. 2) It is obvious even without being able to see when the ride stops spinning and a moment later is lowered to the ground. You just need to pay attention to what's going on at the end of the ride. You should be hyper aware after your previous experience, so I wouldn't worry about forgetting this time and trying to get out before it's safe to do so. As others have said, you should be okay keeping your glasses on during a Sky Screamer ride. I have ridden the Sky Screamer at SFStL several times without even thinking twice about losing my glasses. The best part of the ride is the view.
  8. Ronald Bussink Professional Rides Evolution. Other manufacturers produce the same type of ride, but this might have been the first. Anybody know?
  9. And we know it has been a labor of love. Sorry for the double post. I meant to hit edit and hit quote accidentally, and I can't find where to delete this post.
  10. D) Make a replica of his head in miniature and put it on a pike to replace one of the decorative pieces. Wow dude, so sorry to hear that your partner took his anger toward you out on the model. That's super selfish and childish. I hadn't responded in your thread yet because I was waiting to see the final project and then tell you you're amazing and Fred Church reincarnated, but this is just making me so angry. I just got out of a 6 year relationship with a self-centered baby, and I'm feeling your pain here. I hope you're joking about the other 2 options. Please fix the model and put it somewhere that the dumbass can't damage it more. Is he possibly open to anger management counseling? It sounds like he needs it. Know that you have the sympathy of many on here, as that is one of if not THE most amazing miniature coaster recreations ever. Peace and a big long distance hug. StLCPF
  11. EVERY park has ghost rumors, whether they be patrons who died in the park or people who lived on the land before the amusement park was built. The SFStL stories are 1)the ghost of the man who owned the farm the park was built on called "The Pig Man" and 2)the ghosts of the people who died on the 2 fatal accidents in the park, the girls who died in the skyway car fall and the woman who fell from the Railblazer coaster. I'm surprised you couldn't find more information on park hauntings in TPR's forum. I've seen several other websites with information on amusement park hauntings. Good luck with your research.
  12. I thought substandard construction was SOB's failure. Wood support structure undergoes a lot of stress with that much weight and force, and RCCA just didn't build enough support structure to keep the ride from shaking itself to death. I think structural steel, or more if they did have some, in key places would have made SOB a better ride. As far as standup coasters, the issue with your head being farther away from the track is the biggest problem I have seen for a lot of people. When you're already standing up, going through the twisted maneuvers B&M put on some of their standup coasters just flings your body around much more than a sitting coaster. Just look at riders on a bus or train. When the vehicle makes a turn at higher speed or an abrupt stop or acceleration, standing riders' bodies jostle around more than sitting riders' bodies. B&M put some crazy quick transitions in Iron Wolf, Vortex CGA, and Mantis. Head banging from the quick transitions and shoulder harnesses that are in the perfect position to bash riders' temples and ears is the biggest complaint my friends an family have had with standup coasters. And of course the bicycle seat is not the best answer to stabilizing the body at midsection. Maybe if someone could re-engineer the seat area and find an efficient way to get Schwarzkopf style adjustable shoulder restraints that are comfortable and hug the shoulders without shifting down during the ride we might see another era of standup coasters.
  13. Your pathways are too complicated with too many zigzags. Peeps tend to get turned around if there are too many corners. Perhaps if you don't want to change where your paths meander you could use a trainer to give every peep a park map. I don't know if that would help, otherwise you are going to have to make your paths less complicated.
  14. 1) The coaster that started the "renaissance era" of the roller coaster, Kings Island's Racer 2) Schwarzkopf's first Jumbo Jet at Cedar Point, sadly defunct 3) Arrow's experiment with a larger mine train coaster, Excalibur at Astroworld, also defunct 1972
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