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  1. Also "maze of steel track". I cant stand how they try to hype out a coaster or ride when it isn't what they say it is. But the GP is going to eat this up like a starved castaway that just been saved.
  2. Eh sounds kinda neat but I know it is not going to live up to its hype.
  3. I think Top Thrill Dragster is pretty lame. I dig the idea of it being themed to a dragster but the name has got to go.
  4. LOL It just went right over your head!! It scared me a little, I jumped and thought oh awesome finally one that actually got me that wasn't so obviously anticipating!
  5. This is the second post I seen you being extremely rude. Even more rude in Chrissie's dead dog thread!! I read that and it really pissed me off how horrible a person can be to say such a thing!! Dont you have anything else better to do then to be an annoying as*hat on internet boards. Why dont you go out and slam your head against a brick wall a few times. Maybe that will knock some sense into you or better yet knock you out!
  6. Desperado at Buffalo Bills on the state line beat the tar out of me and gave me a bruise.
  7. Goliath is just an overall fun average coaster. There is nothing to great about it yet there is nothing to horrible about it. Its just that type of coaster you can just go on and know you will have an enjoyable coaster ride.
  8. Yes the heavy trains did aide in the falling apart of Psyclone as well. I really never understood why they kept used them and kept them on. I think that Psyclone coulda been salvaged. With retracting and added Millennium Flyers I think Psyclone would of lived much longer with much better rides. If they do this on Ghostrider, I do believe Ghostrider will be born again!
  9. When it first opened it was extremely smooth as silk and fast! Extremely enjoyable coaster. For a while there it was my favorite coaster in the park. It used to be way better then Colossus. Then after it broke in, and after the quake it pretty much fell apart from there and got rougher as time went on. But I still enjoyed every ride on it no matter how rough it was in its later years.
  10. Well at least this explains all the ufo sightings. They were doing tests on many different prototypes.
  11. Sounds like an F-16 busting out its afterburners right over your head to me!
  12. Weather we believe in God or not.. God bless America Chris for people like you who join up in the United Forces that defends our country's freedom. Whether it is a pointless war or the most important war, you are joined and is ready to do your duty as a loyal, proud and honerable NAVY man! Take care Christopher Belson, may all our prayers and thoughts be with you in these times of need and war!
  13. OMG its go carts not the Indy 500! Wait a helmet? I never had to wear a helmet on any go carts my whole life. If I knew I had to wear a helmet on a go cart I wouldn't go on it in the first place. First off they dont go fast enough to require a helmet. Second I been in many bang ups riding go carts and I never once hurt my melon. I personally think wearing a helmet for go carts is overkill IMO.
  14. Yea this is what really gets me! Such a unique ride geting demolished! I used to live a stones throw away from Wild Rivers and had a pass. I went all the time!
  15. The ending of G'Sengste Sau totally reminded me of the ending of Space Mountain at Disneyland. Also it sounded like that cars wheels were about to fall off!
  16. Special handcrafted LMAO!!!! Can go to your local department store and buy a cheap pair of jeans and then just go play some tackle football in the grass and get some knarly grass stains on them, go swimming in the ocean with them on and grind against the sand a lot, have your dogs have its way with it for a few days, piss on it and then let it dry in the hot sun! Viola 400 dollar pair of pants! I got your special handcrafting right here!
  17. I am not surprised at all. As a matter of fact I am surprised there aren't more skycoaster deaths! Any skycoaster related rides are all death traps! You can see the tiny cable that holds them on there! Another cable related accident, but this one caused a death I've never liked skycoasters and this has compounded my views on them, now I hate them even more.
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