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  1. Done 700 kiddies? Wow Jeff surprised you weren't on To Catch a Predator yet!
  2. Runescape! It is a picture of my character. Check my signature for link to game!
  3. Can you see him picking up that hot chic with a vw bug? lol I think not!
  4. Everyone wants meat meat meat meat meat!! Hell if you want meat go eat a meatloaf! I enjoy the Big Mac because of the special sauce and the extra bun in the middle plus all that lettuce, I like lettuce. To me it is more appealing. It is overall tastier too.
  5. Confirmation that this is not a rumor. Take your pick. http://www.mercurynews.com/news/ci_6328249 http://www.ocregister.com/ocregister/money/article_1756146.php <---This one has the most info plus comments. http://ktla.trb.com/news/ktla-wildriverclosure,0,3640209.story?coll=ktla-news-2 EDIT: Cool Knottslover77 I noticed you added your own link on the first post!
  6. Two under agers kissing...is that PG-13 friendly?
  7. Yep I would for sure bring People Mover back and rebuild an updated version of Adventure thru Inner Space cuz that was the best damn dark ride ever! I agree Ryan that TL lost its future look. It looked more futuristic in the 70-80s! Id keep everything else the same and refurb everything.
  8. Stage coach? What was the attraction that occupied the same area as the Submarine lagoon before it became Subarine voyage?
  9. All the coasters that are SBNO or demolished. That pretty much narrows it down!
  10. With all the mishaps that has happened in the past in dealing with space travel I am sure something will go wrong with this. I am not being negative I am just being practical.
  11. Those porno spam posts sure like to hit hard at the wee hours of the night.
  12. Incredible coaster dude!! I loved it! I just love it when someone goes out of the lines and pushes the envelope on a game. I mean actually I am kinda sick of all the coaster being so realistic. This was actually a breath of fresh air thank you! Please continue on with your hot doomed death machines! I know I will enjoy them!
  13. Well I don't like those banks either so I am going to edit it myself so it looks right. I think those reverse banks are annoying and I don't think highly of it on Voyager either even though I never ridden it. It just looks wrong and uncomfy.
  14. You are assuming that out of no where this person was yelling, you don't know what was going on before, there was probably something that the kids did that they needed to be called out for. When you don't understand the situation you can't just jump to these type of conclusions. At thunder run, I walked into the station and the ride operator was being yelled at by a whole bunch of flash pass holders who wouldn't listen to his instruction. After they insulted him personally he became mad and raised his voice as well. That is a normal human reaction and in no way does that make him rude or the park dirty. After that someone else came in and started to call him a retard for yelling at the guests, sounds familiar, but they didn't know what happened before hand. You see when you get paid to work at any amusement park you are not paid to react to people. You are paid to do the best you can unrudely to solve a situation. Their are standards that need to be upheld when you are employed at an amusementpark and being rude or obnoxious to guests is not one of them. I was treated rudely once too at Elitch and I was thinking who the _____ do they hire around here! Needless to say Elitch lost my patronage. Besides Elitch sucks anyways! Now imaging that on a bigger scale. If they keep treating their guests rudely more and more people wont go, so now they loose business. Like I said in my post before Disney knows how to treat their guests and the guests are coming back for more because they had a good experience. This goes for any workplace too.
  15. So far super random graphics from Kevork with prank calls, heavy breathers and hang ups!
  16. Very creative dude. I will tune in to see how it goes.
  17. They should get another job if they are miserable there. All of that isn't an excuse for their behavior and attitude toward the GP at the park! Working for an amusement park is a people pleasing business! They aren't just there to press a button all day and look miserable callin on their cell phones! They are there to cater to the GP. Look at Disney. They hold the highest standards of people pleasing. Everything is kept up and pleasing to the eye and you are cared for by the employees when you are there. You see it is business like that is what keeps people coming back! Anyways hope that girls operation was a success. Anyone heard about her yet?
  18. That is an extremely good idea and can work! See that is the thing right there why rides break and cause accidents. People try to save a buck!
  19. Oh ya she is fine! Just two of her feet got completely severed off, no biggy. It is just a mere flesh wound.
  20. If everyone that worked at SFMM was like Mike, SFMM would be class act! Glad KT wasn't harmed! Most unfortunate you all had to experience that as well. It is also unfortunate that these incidences have to happen in order to take proper steps to prevent such another incident like this! I really hope that dummy is fired. Also hope he is prevented from working at any amusement park again or anyplace that requires some sort of operation that can cause harm from not properly doing the job right.
  21. Please don't use old testament law, in Christianity, Christ came to fufill the law, and therfore Christians are no longer bound to obey old testament law, but to obey Christ teachings not to say we do not use things from the old testament to guide our faith, but we are not required to follow them, I can't remember the last time I sacrafice a young goat to pay pennace for my sins The fact that people make interpetations on a vague passage of scripture should not confuse anyone, the bible is not really specific about HOW God created the earth, just that he did, and although it says it took 7 days, the bible also hints that time means nothing to God. I could quote off a bunch of scriptures, but I won't. The fact remains that faith is a very personal thing, and while some members like Shepp seem to truely dislike christianity, I have met some really amazing people who really do good for thier communities in the framework of organized religion. Well this of course is off subject, but many "Christians" use the old testament to condemn homosexuals. Back to that old picking and chosing to fit an agenda. Being human nobody is perfect! No one is perfect and not one thing in belief is perfect or cut in stone. There are so many variables in everything and with our individual beliefs what one person thinks is right the other thinks it is wrong. What I think is that no one knows what the truth is. We all are just going to believe in what we want to believe in and stick to it because that is human nature through our faith in our belief. All I can say is that the only way to find out is time. Maybe after death we will know what the truth is. But until then it's is a speculated belief weather or not you feel you believe you are completely and utterly right or just dont give a flying donkey. But as for me, I believe in Creationism because that is what I choose to put my faith into and it works great for me.
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