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  1. "HAPPY MOTHER F**KIN NEW YEARS!!!"...as I was shooting off 6 rounds on a 38 special!! I was out in the middle of nowhere somewhere in Colorado at someones house and they had guns to shoot off!!
  2. Lucky I was dropping my acid and snortin my coke when I watched this. It made perfect sense to me!!
  3. It's because you touch yourself at night. It's because you touch yourself at night. Psht, I ALREADY WON THIS RACE. Whos racing? I am just adding to it!! I am just hoping he explodes from frustration!!
  4. It's because you touch yourself at night.
  5. Jesus sure wished I didnt download it now!! What a mess!!
  6. What exactly am I downloading here? A NL coaster, a RCT3 coaster, what???
  7. Wow without a doubt one of the best RCT3 rides I have ever seen!!!! Absolutely out of this world fantastic piece of work you have here! I didn't want it to end!! I sorely wish this could be made into real life...and if it is, it would be the best damn dark ride on this planet!! Outstanding Job!!! Keep up the great work and hopefully can see more masterpieces like this in the near future from you!
  8. I will accept everyone and anyone. You can even be a devil worshiper and are welcome to be my friend. Just dont go pushin the beliefs on me and everything will be ok.
  9. Just to clear this up coon. Check this out. 867-5309 = 8 6 7-5309 XD = X D The filter has been altered by the mods who thinks its funny
  10. Damn dude now that I get to see your hair in a natural picture, it looks so awesome! Good move on the hair style and keep it that way!! Mike"wishes he was the statue"Black
  11. I say the slides caught on fire either by an arson or by some dopey kids or people who managed to get to the slides and lit some fireworks tossing it down the slide. Or maybe a worker was working welding some metal together and a few sparks caught the slides on fire.
  12. Susan B Anthony!!!!! Cmon this was right under your nose!! Pfffttt!!
  13. I am glad they wiped that bastard off the face of the earth!! He deserved it in every way! Wished I was the henchman! Too late his soul is burning in hell now!! Also it is more of a sense of relief that he is dead now. He cant kill or torture another living soul now!! Dont have to worry about any prison breaks or possible rescues. He is dead! Hey the munchkins celebrated the death of the witch in Wizard of Oz. So I am gona celebrate the death of Sadam. Ding dong Sadam is dead, the evil Sadam is dead.. ding dong the evil Sadam is deadddddd!!!
  14. Contraversial photo anyone? Censored for your pleasure!
  15. Best: Space Mountain Disneyland Omg you fly really fast around that last turn and then boooom you fly into the tunnel with lights smoke and sound coming at you all at once. I dunno if this is the same for the rehabed SM. I never been on it since the rehab so I am just going by my experience of the old SM. Worst: XLR8R at Knotts! I hate how you come into the brake run going down hill. Wtf is that all about. I say they should of added more track with maybe a few barrel rolls and a helix at least. But that ending is like Weeeeeeee....STOOOP!!!!!!!! I mean if they went through the trouble of adding those two overturn bank turns I think they should of added the extra elements to give it that great ending. I know they have the room to do it too!
  16. The whole time I was growing up and going to Disneyland I could of cared two craps who TS was! All I cared about was the TSI was fun and I enjoyed playing on it as a kid. Also enjoy going on TSI even now. So a retheming to me is no big deal. They can theme it to a mountain of poo for all I care as long as its still a fun island to go play on or just walk around on and just enjoy whatever changes they make to it.
  17. ^^ Ya #3 a woman is the correct answer But I also liked Himself lol. Ya he is a skizo who knocked on the door and didnt realize it was himself doin it!! It was his imaginary friend Tyler Durden!!
  18. Flipdude you could of just deleted the posts. You had over an hour to delete them or noticed you quad posted. Because if anyone posts after you then it would be to late. The time between your last post and his was over an hour. But acording to your edit time I guess you didnt catch it until it was too late! FYI There is an X that says "delete this post" with your options. (Just in case you didnt know) Riddle: There was a person who was the last man on earth! He heard a knock at the door. How is this possible? (Wes please give other peeps a chance to answer.)
  19. But most definetly me!! I cant wait to see it! I grew up with it. I had their toys and everything. Definetly a must see!! I am definetly not picky about who directed it or whatnot. From the trailer it looks like it will be action packed and fun to watch!! But I probably wont go see it on opening night and just wait till the crowd dies down because I am not sheep like the rest of the crazy fans who will go and spend the night or wait all day just to be the first ones. Also I will go an watch it as a matinee in the morning instead! Cuz why pay more when you can pay less. (Jewish logic always helps the budget)!!
  20. you know... I really had not problem with your dribble here until you got onto somebody for making a joke. Quit acting so goddamn serious and lighten up a bit. are you the new shepp? oh, speaking of ignorance, I wonder if you know that Ed is gay... Besides terrancew_hod, this is not your thread to begin with. So please stop with the "I can say what I want and you cant" attitude. Its starting to get annoying. Also you pretty much made your point of your view on the whole gay pride thing. So please give other people a chance to speak their mind aswell. Mike" Going to go and create a straight pride event with men having sex with women on floats" Black
  21. "Theme and amusement parks' population is being diminished" ......and Leon is gettinggg largggggggerrrrrrrr!!!!!!!
  22. XD <-----LMAO!! Just some filter fun the tpr mods like to do!! With my new thicker skin I can appreciate this more!! Mike"867-5309"Black <-----
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