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  1. South Park pretty much has this thread covered!
  2. This bump is in the middle of the page!! Maybe you dont understand the meaning of the bumping that takes place in this thread! A pic of me and my drinky!
  3. Try viewing page 6 and you will see how much kiddy coaster this is not! Also about the concept picture and missing things, who gives a crap!! It is just a concept painting! Which I might add is to show how the new coaster may look like. Not to get accurate and fill in every detail of the surounding area.
  4. Huh what!!?? But eating is all that is important to do!! Also glad to see your quad boobs survived the coaster Joe!! I guess that was the only action they ever got on the trip!!
  5. Indeed I was just about to post this! Ya dude the info is all wrong. It's China not Japan! I really dont think this will be at all efficient. The way the stores are now is perfect. No need to change it. but never the less still a cool idea.
  6. Any new roller coaster opening is very good news!! But this looks like a great idea! I say it should be a requirement for all malls to have a coaster in them!
  7. Here go to this thread and introduce yourself. Say a little bit about yourself too. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=177&start=750
  8. By the way everyone.... Michael Richards wasnt telling a joke when he pointed and tossed the "N" bombs. He was pointing directly at the heckler and said that. He was yelling at the heckler defending himself against them heckling at him and in his rage he pointed at the heckler and dropped the "N" bombs. This was a direct attack from Michael Richards to the heckler. This was not a joke he was telling pointing at some imaginary tree. It was an accual argument going on between Michael and the heckler. I just wanted to clear that up before anyone else keeps thinking it was part of a joke when it wasn't.
  9. Ya know the shape is pretty bad as it is!! BUT THE COLOR??? WTF!!! It could of been any color they wanted. But they totally went for the fleshy color! I bet if it was any other color they prolly wouldnt of been pulled from Amazon. Ya that totally looks like some form of of an adult toy!
  10. Pfftttt....Austin already knows what I am going to say!! But for those that dont know.. BEATLES
  11. And being that it is TPR. A donkey punch is order too!!!
  12. HAHAHA!! Conversation continues from Allans (Primogen18) caption: Joe: Yes i mean this but it will cost you a penny Jew!! Jew: NOT ON YOUR LIFE!!! Robb: Alright Jew I will give you the penny!! Just stop crying!! Jew: IM GONA KISS ROBB INSTEAD!!
  13. I have noticed some of you are posting names that start with "A". Cant you people read!! She specifically said no names that start with "A"! I mean does it take to much out of your lives to even read what Elissa has to say?? After all it is her thread!!! Belle Trishy Nikki Sherri Zoey Stephanie Leslie
  14. Ya I agree with people here. Please keep your role playing off of TPR. Because you are just completly freaking me out here!!
  15. Moments before a Jewish pig roast takes place!
  16. Only if its smothered in gravy flavored gravy! Do you lick toad?
  17. Thank you everyone!!! Thanks zane for the Wii!! LOL Bill!!! Smart idea!! Or combine the turkey and cake and have turkey cake!! Or Turkake!!!
  18. Its fun with friends. Just a place to hang out and do stuff with your friends. I been playing it for over a year now. I always have fun on it. I goof around a lot on it and just do fun and crazy stuff. If you try to play it like real life hell ya its gona get boring. But to hang out with some friends that you cant hang out with in rl it makes it really fun. Its basically a virtual world. I enjoy it. I can find many things to do on it too!
  19. Well hmmm at least this thread caught some of the peoples attention about that video that missed the first thread! Allan you naughty boy!! Now you need a spankin!!
  20. Looks like Joe is more excited about food more then sex he isn't getting on the cruise!! Also is that bag on Jews hand his gf for the cruise!?? I bet that Jew looses some pennies on the tree swing!! Then he sobs his eyes out the rest of the trip!! One more thing!! You all got dressed up all fancy pancy for a nice dinner on the cruise and you are eating HOT DOGS AND FRIES????
  21. Cant go wrong with the Three Stooges!!
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