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  1. Lmao!! Great find Allan!! This goes up there with the naked riders on Nemesis!!!
  2. If the boats a rockin.. dont come a knockin!!! *Does not apply to Joe or Jew!!
  3. Why in gods name would you drive all that way out of your way and not know where to go?? That is extremly silly if you ask me!!
  4. Ok everyone his name is ALLAN. With an A. Not ALLEN with an E. Thank you. Yes he stuffed a pig in his pants!!
  5. Wow looks like Its a Small World After All looks like Its an Acid Trip After All with all those psycadelic colors happening on the outside!!
  6. Wii is the devil!!! Yeah, where have we seen a thread that is superior to this one.... I am not quite sure but i do know this one bores me!
  7. Robb- " I am to lazy to go to the second floor to eat, so I will just eat this sign here!"
  8. Why in the hell would anyone want to discuss or get interviewed on how to kill anyone???? I just dont understand people and how they think sometimes!!
  9. Now that I think about it..... What is the point of the detailed results? Why would anyone care to know who voted for who or what? Really is there any point to that? What were your thoughts on this Wes or Robb when you decided on this feature?
  10. Ya I agree with Ryan on the showing who voted for what feature. When I read that the first thing that popped into my mind is what Ryan said about people will piss and moan about who you voted for or whatnot. So ya I am against that too. I also like the new poll features! Change is always good. It keeps things fresh and new.
  11. Forget the coasters!! Try riding a standup drop tower naked!!!
  12. So whats with Canada and their indoor mall rollercoasters anyway?? At this rate they should build an indoor coaster for those who decide to visit Antartica!
  13. Well Keno is a gambling game where you pick numbers off a board and then they announce a certain amount of numbers. If one or more of your numbers match then you win! The more numbers you match up the more money you win. Now for this coaster to be anything like Keno the game is still a mystery to me!!
  14. So far so good!! Keep going!! I cant wait to ride your finished coaster!!
  15. Hells ya dude!!! Now go and defeat Smith so we can have a free running matrix!!
  16. 1 time! Psyclone at SFMM. It stopped up the lift hill and then it tried to move three more times after that. Then they said the coaster was broke. We got evacuated out of the train and we walked down the lift. That was my only time I ever experienced that! How many times have you ever cut yourself? Not on purpose!!
  17. Pretty much any wild animal that can harm you in anyway! If they are in a zoo that cool. But I especially hate snakes!! Having them as a pet is looking for trouble! Those bastards will bite at any time. If anyone tells me "oh he has never bittin anyone before".. well buddy I hate to say but they are instinctive creatures and there is always a first for everthing!!
  18. I go by a simple rule. Eye for an eye! If you kill someone or people you simple should get the penelty of death. It is only fair and just! I really dont understand why who ever kills someone get a change to live. The death penelty is pefect. For those that believe in heaven and hell. He deserves to go to hell! Living and being in prison the rest of his life is utterly nothing compared to frying in the depths of hell for eternity. Although I believe every human on earth deserves a chance to go to heaven and be forgiven. I also personally believe he deserves hell and the way this man is and how he thinks, there is no hope at all for his soul to be saved because it was HIS choice to be who he is and do the things he did. Not only that but he conciously chose to do the things he did! Evil in everyway!! I also dont understand the sympathy people have on him either. Yes I know he is human but what he did wasn't human like at all. So I dont believe he should be treated as a human but as a monster who deserves what is coming to him. You know how that saying goes. You reap what you sow... and its his time to reap what he sowed!!
  19. Cool tat Derek! It fits you extremely well! Btw! Didn't the artist look like a fattened Charlie Sheen?
  20. SPAM you say!! (Here we go again! ) This is like the third time I posted this!! xD But the door was wide open and just had to walk in!!
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