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  1. Pax is the only company so far that I've seen draw what I think are quick cartoony looking design sketches, then go and build the ride exactly like that. Sort of like those cartoon park maps Cedar Fair has/had or Six Flags.
  2. A million little pieces made somewhere overseas that takes engineers to put it together? Sounds like IKEA to me. Looks nice though.
  3. Zoomerang is now sponsored by 80s Metallica? Nice PTR though, been curious about this park for a while.
  4. Nice TR, while we were there on the 6th there was hardly anyone else in the park. AE was such a shame IMO, needs new paint and the track squeaked pretty back the whole way through. Some good speed but overall it looked quite bad. I posted the TR here a bit ago, but like most of my posts here it went completely ignored, I don't even know why I bother typing them up anymore...
  5. My bf and I are considering checking this park out seeing as we are only a few hours away and they have the Six Pass thing going on for $29.99. Nice TR though and the park doesn't look too horrible to me, even if only for the credits and Greezed Lightning. Of course I'll post a TR (and like most of mine it will be completely ignored on here), but I post them anyway...
  6. Thanks! It was a great day, I have heard many good things about Great America and it definitely showed through. http://family.webshots.com/album/572913486aeZaqv?vhost=family We stopped at Kiddieland for a few shots as well as IB for some rounds on the coasters (very empty).
  7. I will try to describe as much as I can but I am mostly excited about getting my count up to the "big 100" (and it is past 1 am and I need some sleep). My bf and I decided to make the trip to Six Flags Great America for our anniversary, so what better time for my first major milestone in coaster riding? The weather was chilly all day with intermediate rain which kept alot of people away. Lines were short to non-existent, except for Dark Knight which was mostly due to the heat inside the ride. Picture link at the end with some 130+ pictures of all coasters and the park. We got there right a
  8. I hope this isn't taken the wrong way or doesn't sound too off, but in times like these, I almost wish it was going because of money troubles. It would be a bit more understandable and easier to swallow then the fact its closing for no reason other then family squabbles.
  9. No More Heroes 2 looks awesome... (hence my sig)
  10. ^ Never actually heard DWP's music, but I am all about music and promotion, so 8/10.
  11. ^ Never actually heard DWP's music, but I am all about music and promotion, so 8/10.
  12. I don't mind SLC's and Boomerangs, especially if they are as smooth as mentioned here. Ad the woody to it, this looks like a pretty good park. I wish I would have known more about it when I was in Orlando a few years ago.
  13. Knoebels? lol. They already have Gold Nugget on their hands now, but it would be nice at another small park and not destroyed.
  14. Hmm.. This makes me consider a quick visit on the way to or from Six Flags Great America in a couple weeks. If SF doesn't have all of their coasters up, I can still get my 100th coaster in! (Im at 89 right now, I need all 11 coasters at SF to be open) Great pictures! Looks like a nice little place.
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