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  1. just got all 3 of the wooden coaster editions for ipod, thanks for making these available via download! great vids..
  2. some of the names I like are: for current coasters: Diamondback Raging Bull Revolution for some defunct coasters: shockwave orient express screamroller
  3. I was just out at the park yesterday, The bull is not killed by the trims, its still a great ride, its always been a favorite, and still is. Iron Wolf was a head banging experience like you wouldn't believe, you must have gotten it on a good day. no line whatsoever on TDK for us either, walked in and walked all the way to the door of the ride. it was fine for a wild mouse type coaster, but I would have been mad had we had to wait a long time for it. think they should have not gone with the batman/joker theme, and maybe just turned it into a spooky ride, something along those lines, in total darkness.
  4. Since I live 5 hours away, once a year is how often I get up there. Now my home town Six Flags, SFSTL, I average out about 12-18 times a season...
  5. Well I made it up to Gurnee for my 13th visit to Six Flags Great America, and as usual, I wasn't disappointed. We got to the park at 11:00, and since my friend hadn't been to the park, I let her guide the way, she wanted to make a b line for the Southwest Territory section of the park to ride Raging Bull, so we headed that way. Our first stop was for a ride on the Whizzer. No visit to SFGA is complete without a ride on Whizzer, this has always been a favorite of mine at this park, after a rather long wait for Whizzer, we headed back to Viper, they added some games at the entrance to the Southwest Territory, and its really filled the section up, it looks nice. so it was off to Viper. This was a pretty long line too, it was about a 35 min. wait for the coaster, apparently they have implemented a new way of loading the stations up. the hold the line till the que lines in the station all empty out, then they only let up a certain number into the station then hold the line again. They did this on Batman, Raging bull, Superman, Viper, it makes for a longer wait, but once you get into the station, its not all jammed pack with people. Viper has always been a great coaster, nice fast pace, some airtime on several hills, but it really grinds the track like the Screamin Eagle does, and it has gotten rougher over the years for sure. but still a great coaster non the less. after the Viper it was time for my favorite in the park, Raging Bull! Raging Bull is still a kick butt coaster, something like that would be perfect in our park. now so many people say thats been trimmed to death, but I don't think it has, it has a trim on the camelback, and a mid course break otherwise that thing moves smoothly over those tracks at a great speed, and that first drop is incredible! Raging Bull has gotten a fresh paint Job, and looks great! After that we headed over to the "Demon" no wait whatsoever, walked right up, and right on to the coaster. this coaster is really showing its age, its rough as can be, and losing its popularity quick, heading the same way as the Ninja. ok then after Demon, we headed over to American Eagle, I was shocked as hell as I headed over to the big top tent that housed its que lines, they had moved the que line and filled under the big tent with a "Wiggles World" omg! what a nightmare... So as far as the AE goes, this coaster is in bad shape. The American Eagle is really in bad need of some TLC big time. how was the ride? well we rode it 2 times today, the first time was the longest wait we had to wait, and that was about 40 min, they only had the blue side running, 2 trains, it was a slow loading and unloading process. after American Eagle we took a spin on Iron Wolf, I keep telling myself that I am done riding this coaster, but my friend hadn't been on it ever and I wanted to be with her on her first try, rough as can be, with a big dose of "bang your head on the head rests" thrown in for free. after we got tackled by Iron Wolf we took a ride on Batman The ride, the original one of these coasters, and still the best one. their que set up is great, and they were controlling how many people were up in the station. After Batman we took a spin on the Ragin Cajun, and that was a blast, we got lucky with a nice spinning car and took advantage of that spinning, it just wouldn't stop.. after the Ragin cajun, we headed over to Vertical Velocity, the line there was huge! so we decided to skip out on VV and head over to Superman, but first we took a spin on Darknight, and I liked it, but I think it would be better as a coaster in the dark, no scenery, you just travel past it too fast, and don't really see it. still fun for a wild mouse coaster. Superman Ultimate Flight was up next, and man that is one smooth coaster. its an incredible ride, and one of the best additions the park ever made. the only thing I don't like about it, is the open lift hill, there is nothing underneath you as your going up, your just kind of hanging there. it needs to have like a metal mesh or screening there, it's just to unnerving. after SUF we sat down and had a snack, before making another round of the coasters. we stopped and rode the old Carousel, and took a spin on the Sky-Trek tower to get some shots from up there after that we took another ride on Viper, Raging Bull, and American Eagle, we then hit a couple of the shops, then by that time it was already 7 o clock, and the park closed at 8. so we headed out and back to the hotel. Overall I give the park a great review as usual, The customer service really needs work, and it's not just this Six Flags either, its a company wide thing. it was too cold to do the Buccaneer Battles, but it did look pretty cool. once the weather warms up it will be a popular water ride, YOU WILL GET SOAKED NO MATTER WHERE YOU SIT just a warning.. oh and get this, they have "people dryers" across from the ride, you go in to this room and stand in front of these giant dryers and your wet clothes get all dried off pretty quickly. I wanted to get my onride photos put onto a photo card that I could go to the my six flags photos site and view and purchase my pictures when I got home. I was told I had to make a purchase to get one of those. I did buy our raging bull pic, it was worth it. one other thing before I end this TR, if you have a season pass to our park and it has parking on it, you can use it up there, and you get free parking, AND you get to park in priority parking with it.
  6. Hey everybody, been trying my hand at making some videos recently. i put together a kind of a tribute movie to to the Screamin Eagle at Six Flags St. Louis, and a Holiday World compilation video have a look here: Screamin Eagle video [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=Eagle1_e2oz[/coastertube] Holiday World video [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=HolidayTR_8909[/coastertube]
  7. nice TR, I hope to head down to Dollywood this year sometime, if not I will have to make it there next year, already hitting a couple of places this year.
  8. Very nice TR, it doesn't surprise me at all to see things in the park falling apart (like that sign) at a Six Flags park. I am heading up to Six Flags Great America on Tuesday, will be sure to note things up there for my TR
  9. it was back in 81 when they opened the Jetscream at Six Flags Over Mid America (SFSTL)
  10. good TR Adam, it sure was a fun weekend wasn't it
  11. I am heading up to Great America next week, haven't been in about 3 years, so looking forward to it, need to get back on the Bull and American Eagle.
  12. 1. Voyage 2. Screamin Eagle 3. Evel Knievel 4. Raging Bull 5. Goliath 6. Boss 7. American Eagle 8. Ozark Wildcat 9. Wildfire 10. Raven
  13. The last coaster I rode was the Voyage of course, and after 9 rides it moved to the number one slot on my list.
  14. The Boss is most definitely running excellent this year, smooth transitions, and yes some decent air is getting generated as well. all the re-tracking has paid off for sure.
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