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  1. Good job. Very smooth and quickly paced, with airtime and *some* laterals. Only complaints: -Needs some extra bracing with crossovers. -The quality of the trackwork got a bit sloppy near the end. -Some of your valleys were a bit too abrupt, and bunny hill shaping was weird for an old woodie, which is what I assuming you were basing this off of. Overall great job though!
  2. Great pics, sounds like you picked a great day to go. Are they letting the train run through the MCBR this year? I know they did in 2007, and I'm glad that trend was cut off short...makes the triple down amazing. Btw you accidentally uploaded a double pic of Legend with one under Raven.
  3. Yes I have ridden it, and after the first drop I had about zero airtime. The bunny hop is good, but those two adjacent large hills were just boring and forceless, along with the rest of the ride. I know it may have just been the days I rode it, but I've heard the same from many other people. It may just be one of the hit-or-miss rides, who knows. (I'm not saying its not fun. It's tall and goes fast, which is what its supposed to do, but I would rather have a small forceful ride than a spread-out large one. That's just my preference, and that's why I like GCIs and CCIs so much.)
  4. ^I heard PTC was now refusing to do maintenince work on trains that run backwards or something. That's why all other racing rides no longer run backwards. (Racer at KI, etc.) That could be wrong though, its just what i heard.
  5. Iron Wolf is my favorite ride at the park.....lol. It may help that I'm tall, but I think a good ride is all about where you position the restraint. Last time I rode it about a week ago, I had one headbang and a big fat 0 nut crunches. I also kind of like the stress it puts on your legs without any "support" from the crunching part of the restraint. But yeah along with the incredible pacing, compact layout and flying through trees, I really love that ride. If the park removes anything, i would definitely want it to be either Dark Knight (as mentioned, almost out of the question) or Ragin' Cajun. It's pointless to have two wild mouse coasters in the same park, even if one does happen to spin. Plus, they both suck. I just wish SFGAm had gotten a GCI instead of Dark Knight. It would have fit in well (MUCH better than a family ride very similar to a current coaster but with added lights), not to big for little kids/not lame, but still delivers thrills that everyone can enjoy. At least I still have EK.
  6. Random people in a barber shop talking about how "awesome" CP is...(I kept my mouth shut even though it was very difficult) "Yeah Millennium Force is one of the biggest roller coasters in the world, it goes crazy fast." "Really?" "Yeah, it also has huge amounts of 'airtime' which is where you are flying out of your seat. I was barely touching my seat!!!!" Millennium Force? Crazy airtime? Bwahahahahaha.
  7. I'm an enthusiast, and I enjoy The Dark Knight. Are you speaking for me? It is what it is. It's a family coaster, that was marketed incorrectly. Or at least the general public took the press to literally, thinking that a "thrilling ride" meant, "thrill ride." I lean toward the latter. SFGAm has made improvements to loading/unloading. I don't think you'll see lines like that this year. Nah I wasn't targeting that at you. I'm not trying to say anyone else is wrong either, I'm just saying I disliked the ride.
  8. I know it was supposed to be more of a family coaster, but I'm giving my opinion from an enthusiast's point of view as I wasn't reviewing it for a family-oriented site. And I'm sure the video is ok for longer queues, but there was literally no wait the whole day so all it did was waste time and provoke the more immature adults in line to mock it. I didn't expect it to be anything more than Ragin' Cajun with lights, and that's exactly what it was. That's why I thought it was a waste of money. (And actually I would have preferred it to be an Iron Wolf-in-a-box if anything, but you see my point. )
  9. Last time I rode Iron Wolf it cracked me in the temple before evening entering the first drop. I spent the rest of the ride pretty woozy. Iron Wolf is actually my favorite ride at SFGAm. I think it may have to do with my height though. I tend to have less headbanging that most people as I'm 6'2". Superman at SFGAm also has some rattling at the bottom of the first drop, but it's not major and barely painful at all.
  10. Wow, those are probably some of the coolest flat rides I've seen....and what a ferris wheel! Great photos.
  11. I'm in central Illinois, and the closest "park" for me is a place about 30 minutes away with a little electronic kiddie coaster. However I have a few parks within four hours: Indiana Beach: 2 hours 30 minutes SFSTL: 3 hours 30 minutes SFGAm: 3 hours 30 minutes Holiday World: 4 hours SFKK: 4 hours Kings Island: 4 hours While I don't really have a home park, I'm happy with some of the better parks (HW and IB especially) that I have near me.
  12. I've never ridden a S:ROS before so don't kill me if they top this...but honestly, I'd have to say Cornball Express at Indiana Beach. With the single buzzbars that only go down to the divider, you're flying around in your seat with ejector airtime on every hill. <3 the drop by the lake.
  13. Good quality pics, and holy crap there were a lot.... I'm confused about Morey's Piers being split up. Do they charge one entrance fee for all of them and you just have to drive in between the piers, or do you have to pay separate entrance for all of them? On a different note, Great White looks so awesome...*wants credit*
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