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  1. Screw that poster!! The ride of our lives is Rollercoasters!!
  2. I personally thing the Wii is a joke. I really dont see the fun in swinging your arms around like a retard trying to hit a ball or boxing in a ring. It seriously looks stupid to play!! As far as I know its a computerized excersize machine. Ok to the topic....... I guess Nintendo didnt take into concideration at how crazy some people might get with the controller! Here is an example!
  3. Here ya go wrebbit!! Merry Christmas!! Took me a minute to do it!
  4. R.I.P. PETER BOYLE!! You will always be Puttin on the Ritz in our thoughts forever!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGN2aa3oQRM
  5. Hey Allan try clicking on the little double arrows on the right side of them (>>). Clicking that moves it over to the next picture which makes it somewhat a bit more easier so you dont have to keep scrollin over with the bar everytime it resets. Btw Allan either do the >> thing or deal with it and grow some thicker skin.
  6. I am very sorry for you and your wifes loss!! I can only imagine the pain you are going through. My prayers and thoughts go out to you and your wife in hopes that you can bear with this tragic loss!! I believe in my heart that your little daughter is safe up in heaven and her living spirit will always be with you!! May Gods grace and love be with you and your wife!
  7. I see SFMM's future now...or lack of future thereof. It will get sold, then the land leveled into a huge auto dealership so then the new street name would make perfect sense!
  8. What exact world is this? Not this one! Because this world has many looping coasters! I think he accidently left out the word "wooden" in there. Yes I know this, hence the sarcastic remark I made! Also I think SOB is the poster child of failed attempt of making a wooden looping coaster. I dont expect anymore to be made in the future. What exact world is this? Not this one! Because this world has many looping coasters! Ok to solve everyones problem as to why they took the loop out. 1.Train tearing up track (rough ride) 2. Loop removed 3. Newer ligher trains 4. Smoother ride! THE END!! you made fun of what I said so dont get mad when I point this out: you just said that the #2 reason that they took the loop out is that the loop was removed? ... thats not making alot of sense. Actually I wasn't naming reasons why. I was just goin in the order as to why they took it out. Here I will spell it out for you. First the train was tearing up the track. So therefore they removed the loop. Then add newer lighter trains to make for a smoother ride.
  9. What exact world is this? Not this one! Because this world has many looping coasters! Ok to solve everyones problem as to why they took the loop out. 1.Train tearing up track (rough ride) 2. Loop removed 3. Newer ligher trains 4. Smoother ride! THE END!!
  10. ^^ You kinda look like your avatar dude!!
  11. I completely loved Windjammer at Knotts. Yellow side especially! I also love Volare (Flying coaster) at SFEG Favorite love is FLASHBACK! Out of all the coasters this is my favorite closet coaster because it is so damn unique!!! I also did some mini marathons on this when there was no lines. I am also not ashamed of these either. As a matter of fact there isn't any coaster I would be ashamed of. I love(loved) them all!!
  12. Awww so short lived!! R.I.P. Tommy Tutone 867-5309
  13. The very second I read this topic heading I just knew it had to be SFMM!!
  14. Pretty much me being a whiney b*tch and crying about me getting my post changed from Mike"8 67-5309"black to Mike"867-5309"black. Well except it wasnt that exact thing. It was another saying that I really felt offended by it and complained about it. But I realized I was being a whiny b*tch about the whole thing and Robb you are right and I do apologise for the things I have said. Mike"was being a whiney b*tch"Black
  15. No...I'm pretty sure there is. Awe where is you sense of adventure? Shocking. Yess!! Isnt it shocking!! My god I guess Im a freak. Mike"I AM A TOTAL FREAK-5309"Black. Or could you come up with something better? Please do I am very currious now. No wait I got one Mike"GREW THICKER SKIN-5309"Black
  16. I dont know where that is at but that looks pretty damn sweet!!!
  17. Hurr!!! My bad. Usually something like that is video. I didnt bother to see it being an MP3. Mike"867-5309"Black I accually dont see anything wrong with that. As long there is human underneath that animal suit, that is all that really matters. I think it would be kinda fun!!
  18. I am pretty much responsible for Robb's choice of that. At least I would believe so. BTW Robb no video is coming in. Just audio.
  19. See this where the comunicated gap is and why people keep saying they dont have room. Well as a matter of fact they dont....UNLESS they tear something else down. If that is the case then pretty much any park ALWAYS has the room. BUT what people are saying is that if they didnt tear anything down. So simply and basically if they didnt tear anything else down then YES BPPB pretty much doesn't have anymore room. So now you know why people keep saying that. Mike"I hope this clears this crap about room all up"Black INFUSION "Five BONE SHATTERING loops and rolls, a looming lake glitters below, a HEADACHE INDUCING double line twist and awesome water effects all in one BODY THRASHING suspended looping coaster."
  20. I dont know about any of you people but I wouldn't on this green earth allow my kids to go on that thing alone without an adult just because of what happened here!! I say the fault goes to the complete morons for allowing kids to operate the brake. After this, if they didn't implement an 18 or older rider must operate the brake rule, then they are utter complete morons and should expect more accidents like this.
  21. ^You should concider changing your signature link! That link goes to the locked poll thread.
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