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  1. Siam Park reached its hundred days opened on Christmas and celebrates its success Siam Park celebrated Christmas at the same time that reached its hundred days opened since its inauguration last September, with a very positive balance. The most spectacular theme park with water attractions of Europe closed this first period with the clear objective of offering fun and high quality services, as well as protecting the environment with the latest technology developments, like the first and only Natural Gas plant in the Canary Islands that is used to heat the park´s water. This great
  2. ^^ There are 3 coasters planned for the park in the future. -A floorless coaster with a splash section (B&M) -An inverted coaster (B&M) -A kiddie coaster (Zierer) You can see them in this interview ( sec 0:24 )
  3. Enjoy warm waters during winter at Siam Park A day full of adventure and fun is possible also in the winter. Loro Parque group keeps working for the improvement of its parks quality and the comfort of their visitors launching Siam Park´s water heating system. At 24 º Celsius visitors will enjoy the newly open attractions despite low temperatures, enjoying sunbathing at Siam's white sand beach and taking pleasure in a ta
  4. Here´s the latests press release of the park that arrived today
  5. Now that the park is already open, here we have the oficial videos of the atractions taken from the new web of the park. Mekong Rapids The Gigant The Tower Of Power Naga Racer Jungle Snake And the best one IMO.... The Dragon Hope you like them
  6. The first visitors, have already started to arrive * *Promotional pic
  7. ^^ That "bouncy bouncy" is made by a Spanish manufacture called Safeco, its also very very popular in spain that kind of rides. Now there are a new versions made by de Italian manufacture Sartori that are also very popular in the Spanish fairgrounds http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Aa__gufY2E&feature=related ^Bigger, Faster.... ^This version its so funny...
  8. New Pics Full report here---> http://parkzone.es/siam-park/visita-del-290408/
  9. hahaha if you only want your credit at Loro Parque its possible to do both parks the same day because Loro Parque opens early in the morning(8 am i think...) Theres a problem on going from the north to the south....You have to go to Santa Cruz and then go to the south/north
  10. Im afraid you wont be able to do both parks the same day. Siam Park its in the south of the island, and Loro Parque in the north. Feel free to add me to AIM and I will answer any doubt ^Spain ^Canary Island ^Tenerife San Cristobal de La Laguna(Where the university is located) and Santa Cruz de Tenerife( The Capital of the archipielago) are cities that you should visit.
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