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  1. 2 very simple rules that will clear this whole dress code problem up in our schools. 1. Do not dress like a slore 2. Do not dress like a gangsta
  2. Well no incidences were reported by the already watercoasters we have now so I guess there isn't a need for restraints for this aswell.
  3. Btw this is nothing new. Just the technology of it. This looks really cool. Although this is just like the water coasters we already have now that are only powered by water jets but with newer and better technology.
  4. Its been snowing every weekend here in Pile High City! (Denver) Hey Robb try commuting here. My brother had to wait 2 hours on some highway because there was a very bad accident due to the snow melting throughout the day and then freezing up at night which causes ice! This is the white hell we live in!
  5. I would rather see PONG stations then Wii stations!!! Now there is going to be many lawsuits that will come out of this due to the flying Wii controllers flying out of peoples hands and hitting people in the head due to the straps not being strong enough!
  6. I am on seefood diet. I see food and I eat it. Yes this is old but still effective. Yes this was so yesterday, yes this was so 80s, yes this was so 3rd grade!
  7. A la Superman the movie! This should of been ground zero!
  8. You know honest this drop does look like it will be fun but doesn't deserve an OMFGWOWBBQPIMP!! type reaction. From how its looking, it kinda reminds me of the Rattlers first drop when it first opened but not as intense.
  9. In reply to rollermonkey. Just because the statue looks to big doesn't mean a thing. Just because the statue looks hard does not mean it is hard. It can be made out of some sort of collapsable soft material so it does fit in the the column. Or its designed to colapse into itself to fit into the column below aswell. This is just my guess on this and is not fact.
  10. Yes, that is a picture of a female black widow with the hourglass on its butt that most people accociate with. Like I said, it is a stretch but I would still concider it a female themed coaster. IMO LOL. Didn't realize how contraversial Black widow is. I guess this is just one of those types that is boarderline!
  11. widow= female So hence a female coaster! I know Black widow spiders are both female and male. It is stretching it though but when I think of Black widows I always think of the female black widows with the hourglass on there butts!
  12. Here are some I found! Black widow Catrina Ladybird Shamu Express - female killer whale Steel Stella Wendy Glide
  13. If you are talkin about the Munsters Allan I got them on DVDs. If you loved that show so much I suggest you get the DVDs!! All so freaky funny!! Also about the black honeymooners!! UMMMMMM NO!!! The damn Honeymooners were white so the movie show have white actors!! You dont see a Goodtimes movie being played by white folk do you?? I didnt thing so! But ya farewell Lily you played a fantastic wife for Herman!! Now you two are together again!!
  14. Oh wow! This one was long and fun! Great job here! It was so long and fun I am adding it to my favorites!! Its rides like these I think should be shown to coaster developers! This would be wicked cool if it was a real coaster!
  15. ^ Ya Im sure all of us arent to crazy for the bigs ones that shake you out of bed and then the bed runs you over, topped by the house caving in on you while the quake shakes like a ride on Psyclone for minutes on end!!
  16. Most likely an aftershock. By the way, earthquakes suck for any of you who haven't experienced one!! Especially when the epicenter is near you!
  17. Not make it "Rockin' Space Mountain." Period. Sure, I haven't actually put my butt in one of it's seats, but I've been around long enough and ridden enough rides to know what crap looks like. And that my friend, is crap. How do you make it better? Clone WDW's. No we dont want two Matterhorns at Disneyland!
  18. WTF?? I understood it once I got out my crackerjack box Scooby Doo decoder ring! This looks really cool. I also do think it can work! But may be a maintenance nightmare with the flippers. Because those things will need a lot of torque to push the rafts around and I can see them breaking all the time.
  19. FLEA!! FLEA!! FLEA!! FLEA!! FLEA!! FLEA!!! I really think they should of gone with Tom Sawyer-RUSH for their music and have on the walls a concert of them singing it! Actually I think they should of just left it alone completly and not have any sound on it. Id rather have the good ol Space Mountain that I remember when before all this music crap came along! I was never big on the whole music addition to it at all! Bring back the quivering nebula at the top of the ceiling and the two potato and cookie asteroids with the shooting stars. Now thats SPACE MOUNTAIN!! What they have now since the music and all its been pretty bad. Now its just downright garbage!
  20. Football is overated! I dont get why everyone goes so damn nuts over such a sport. Its just some dudes trying to get a ball across a line.. big woop!! Overated indeed!
  21. It was all about PONG!! I remember when that came out and I was like OMG!!!! It was the most amazing thing that I have ever seen!! I used to play that for hours!!
  22. Microwave them. I think they come out better! They may not be toasty but they sure are hot and gooey!!
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