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  1. Wow, I just discovered this coaster lol and I straight away thought it was an Intamin till I read it was a mack hahah I can't believe it. It looks So good but I recon it looks too much like an Intamin coaster, everything just looks like it was created by Intamin haha. Hope the ride lives up to all the hype and by the looks of the layout I'm sure it will zane.
  2. Fantastic TR, Amazing photos! I'm still sad that there's NO good Full POV of mystery Mine...? Dollywoods Techs sound pretty cool LOL. Zane.
  3. Well At least you have a B&M compared to us Australians stop complaining...It looks like a great ride!
  4. How do u get that blur effect? -I know you like follow the subject with the camera but I always get the whole picture blurry. -And how do you set a digital SLR to take "reasonable" pictures in dark environments at a park e.g a dark ride Que.
  5. Well no we have a team lets make a coaster!!! what are we waiting for? lol Oh and I don't mind if someone else wants to make a logo. Lets start on our FIRST coaster!!
  6. I'll make a logo. And I'm thinking that maybe it shouldn't be like set things for the team, it might work better if every one helps in all areas? Just an opinion. Zano.
  7. Wow, you read my mind lol I was just about to start the same thing up! That's so weird , Anyways since you have started one, I will go for the other designer. Its hard to choose a coaster that's your best, because whats your best mightn't be someone Else's best? Zano. Skedaddle.nltrack Skedaddle (Wooden) Void.nltrack My 2nd option Void also a Woodie (better IMO then my 1st one)
  8. haha...Awesome pic's man. I use the exact same camera, IMO its the best camera ever!! the Images it takes are so clear and the colours amazing e.g...
  9. Hi, Here's my entry, all hand built (as most I believe are) I have named it "Bestial" Comments welcomed!! Bestial.nltrack Track file "Bestial" Logo
  10. Don't you just love how simple gravity coasters are
  11. Yes that's True, I didn't take Drag/Resistance in consideration. But I do believe that Intamin Accelerators keep a constant g force on the launch?
  12. Hmmm, I highly doubt it, if so there would be a massive spike of electricity usage at the start of the launch instead of a constant usage. And if it did launch quicker at the start the track wouldn't have to be that long to reach top speed. If it did launch quicker at the start it would be rolling for some of the track instead of gaining speed. If you listen to a pov video you can hear the LSM's humming all the way down the track during the launch.
  13. Hi all, I'm just curious about the g force which superman the escape has on its launch, it's really 'low'. If it launches at 100mph in 7 seconds that means the g-force felt on the launch is 0.646g's. Is it just me or does that sound really low to be true? If you look at other launches there usually in the +1 g's. ???
  14. Hey, Any one have or know where I can get the proper Layouts of Both mummy coasters, I have two of them already but I don't know if they are both correct, but I think the USO one is cause it looks like its straight from premier (the USH layout pic doesn't look right after the launch, It looks like it has some giant hill the the over banked turn) This one doesn't look right?
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