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  1. Any websites for "safe" downloads of NL2 scene objects like boulders, buildings, fountains, etc?
  2. Hi everyone! I'm very late to the party here but I only had a Macbook up until this past Christmas. Finally bought a PC and bought NL2. It's going well so far but I'm curious where to find all these custom scenery objects that folks have in their Youtube videos. I see that there used to be a website that was closed down at some point in time. Could anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!!!
  3. Yes you need one. Lollapalooza is this weekend, so there will be a big draw to downtown which..might? Lighten up crowds? If you want multiple rides on the major coasters you need a FP. Get there early to get in past security since it can be a shit show. I'd pick Joker, JL, or Goliath to go to first so you have a 0 wait in the morning, then get FP right after. Thanks!
  4. This question has likely already been beaten to death on this thread but... any advice on getting the Platinum Flash Pass for this park on a Saturday in August versus the other two options? I'm going to this park this Saturday for the first time and had planned to get the Gold Flash Pass until I read something about how crazy busy this park gets in the summer. Any help on Flash Pass options and/or park navigation would be greatly appreciated! Thanks all!
  5. Do Quassy in the morning, that will give you plenty of time to hit Wooden Warrior and they're awesome flat line up. At lunch time drive over to lake compoune (20 minute drive) At this time, hit whatever you want in the water park, then check out the dry park. Boulder Dash is a million times better at night. The rest of the park is just...meh. It consists of two mediocre coasters (Zoomerang and Wildcat), an S&S swing with a very short program, A very fun Enterprise that has an awesome cycle and a couple more flat rides that do not run very well. Their dark house is pretty bad. The flume and rapids ride are very fun. And Down Time is one of the better free falls in New England, so check that out. Go to Wicked Cyclone at opening, that way you can get a couple rides in before it gets out of control. While you are there, hit NESS and Pandemonium, those rides have bad capacity and rack up some mean lines. Flashback and Goliath are a nice 1-2 punch. JB's BBQ is located right next to Goliath, with good food and AC. Houdini is a very fun, Zamperla Madhouse and Tomahawk is their HUSS frisbee, which doesn't run a very good program. In the middle of the park lies Scream and Thunderbolt, both of which are worth hitting. Next you can take the stairs down to Bizarro, which IMO is the best steel coaster in the country. You'll want to hit that a lot so I'd suggest a flash pass, as the operations at this park are a shot in the dark. GCG and Catwomen are OK family coasters and Joker's Wildcard is a piece of crap. On main street in Rockville, you'll find Kontiki and Buzzsaw, which are two of the best flat rides in the park. Kontiki usually has low lines and runs a good cycle. Buzzsaw has a crowd but it has great capacity, so that will move quick. Both of those are awesome and definitely worth riding. Over in the South end of the park lies Mind Eraser and Batman. Mind Eraser is a shot in the dark. Most days it has a decent ride but sometimes it can be pretty brutal. It's still one of my favorite rides in the park. Very forceful and fast. Batman is an average floors coaster. It's a tad bigger than Hydra but kinda forceless. It's worth a couple rides though. Crimewave and Tea Cups are just average flats that aren't with riding if you are in a rush. Hurricane Harbor is a great Waterpark with a few unique features and an amazing water coaster. If you have time, try to check out Canobie Lake. Great flat ride selection, a fantastic wooden coaster, a euro fighter and some beautiful landscaping. Hands down the nicest park of the four. Great advise; thank you!!! Love the honesty about the LC dark ride and SFNE Joker's Wildcard HAHAHAHAHA! I totally agree about Bizzaro; I rode it shortly after it opened as Superman and I still compare all other hypers to it even though that was 13-14 years ago. I've been on the majority of the coasters at SFNE already; I'm only missing a few that have been added since my visit but...I skipped ALL the flat rides due to being rushed. I'll be sure to check out your recommendations above! Not big on water parks but the water coaster peaked my interest and, if it's hot enough, we'll see. I've actually been in Canobie Lake's parking lot during the same trip when I visited SFNE. I was staying in Salem; it was dusk and I was debating whether or not to buy a twilight ticket. I saw the wooden coaster and, at that time not being a huge fan of them, decided to skip it. I wish I could go back but that would add another 4 hours roundtrip drive, another night in a hotel and another day off work. I'll have to circle back around to that park in the future. Again, thanks for all the info! I'm excited!
  6. Can't offer you any help on Quassy, but SFNE is seldom bad on weekdays. Just try to head to Bizarro or Wicked Cyclone ASAP; unless you're hitting the waterpark, however, you can easily hit everything of note within a few hours. As for Lake Compounce, Boulder Dash will have a line for the entire day, but again, you can generally do everything within a few hours. If you're into credits I'd actually head to Goliath first because it has terrible capacity and will break down multiple times throughout the day, sometimes in spectacular fashion so it's best to ride it when it's actually running. If you're not into credits don't ride Goliath at all because it's an awful ride now. My only Quassy advice is to ride Wooden Warrior in the very last row. Both boomerang style coasters will have terrible capacity so I'll be sure to hit those right away. Wooden Warrior...back row...noted! Thank you!
  7. Can't offer you any help on Quassy, but SFNE is seldom bad on weekdays. Just try to head to Bizarro or Wicked Cyclone ASAP; unless you're hitting the waterpark, however, you can easily hit everything of note within a few hours. As for Lake Compounce, Boulder Dash will have a line for the entire day, but again, you can generally do everything within a few hours. Thanks! Definitely won't be doing the water park. I was concerned about the crowds at SFNE since the kiddies will all be out of school by the time I go. Flash Passes will be in order if that's the case!
  8. Anyone local to, or a frequent visitor of, this park that might offer some advice? I went to SFNE once, about 13-14 years ago, so I am not that familiar with it. I am planning on taking an impromptu trip up that way as soon as the park officially opens Wicked Cyclone. I am also stopping by Quassy and Lake Compounce on the way; two parks that I've never been to before. If anyone has any tips, tricks or suggestions for either of these 3 parks, please let me know. I'll be visiting the two smaller parks on a Monday and SFNE on a Tuesday. Thank you!
  9. ^I read about that on a local high school website...so it seems like the 26th would be perfect then! Thanks!
  10. Thanks for all the great advice! Which leads to my next question: What would be a GREAT day to go to Hersheypark this summer? I've only been once before and I'm taking someone that has never been. I was looking at possibly the last week of August; that's the last week they are open on weekdays. Would that Monday or Friday be tolerable for crowds...or worse because it's the last full week?
  11. Does anyone know how busy the park would be on Friday, July 5th? Was thinking of making the short drive that way since I have the day off but was curious about the crowds. Thanks!
  12. OMG OMG OMG I'm in love! Logo: brilliant! Concept: about time! Couldn't be more happy...
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