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  1. On Monday I was able to give this fantastic new transportation option a couple of rides before seeing the final IllumiNations and the Skyliner doesn’t disappoint! For not having A/C it really is quite comfortable and I’d much rather take this than the busses. The only downside I experienced was that the difference in view between the cars with the character wraps and those without is quite noticeable. On my last ride back to Epcot I requested a car without obstruction and it was well worth the short wait! Of course they were happy to grant my request. I noticed others were also asking for the
  2. It's probably a good thing the Tom Cruise reboot of The Mummy flopped so hard. If it had been a success it's not hard imagine them deciding to redo Revenge of The Mummy to be themed to the 2017 Mummy film in the way they are changing Jurassic Park into Jurassic World at USH. While we're not sure if Jurassic World will be primarily screen based, I'm not holding my breath. Florida's Revenge of the Mummy is my probably favorite indoor coaster and I'd hate to see those beautiful sets swapped out for more 3D crap and your obligatory water sprays.
  3. I almost pushed back my May Orlando trip so I could experience this coaster. Truth be told, after watching the POVs I don't think that the new ride would've been worth the effort. I keep hearing on social media about this ride's amazing theming but for the most part it looks as though you go by the theming far too quick to really appreciate it! Also they've been referring to this as "the world's first story coaster." How is this more of a "story coaster" than Gringotts? (Of course calling Gringotts a coaster could be a stretch to some.) The one thing I'll say I'm impressed by is the
  4. Just because I'm curious and have no life I did invest the time to get a ride on Submarine Quest. Of course the first two times I waited through the queue the ride went down right as I got to the station. On the third try I finally did get on and it was bad. I get that it was made for small children but I doubt that even they would've enjoyed it. You know how some movies are so bad that you have to watch them to see how bad they are because it's hilarious? This was the ride equivalent of that. The one thing I will say is that I enjoyed the kinetic energy the ride vehicles added to the a
  5. Has anyone heard anything about the rumored new family coaster? I wonder if it's still a possibility since it's been ages since it's been brought up.
  6. I was at Buffalo Bill's a couple of years ago and it was in really bad shape. While Desperado was a decent ride in it's early days it was one of the roughest rides I've ever had on a coaster on this last visit. It's a shame because Buffalo Bill's has such a unique atmosphere when it's run properly. I think when it was run by a company called Terrible's the name was appropriate because all of the Primm Valley Resorts are absolutely terrible. I think the only reason Desperado won't be the first defunct Arrow hyper (I'm not counting Steel Phantom) is because Titan at Space World barely beat
  7. So glad that I went with a group of coworkers to marathon on Dragons to see how many times we could ride it in two hours a few years back. I would've never guessed then that this wonderfully unique ride would be gone in just a few short years! Maybe the fact that we could marathon the ride to begin with should've been a clue. At 95% of parks worldwide this coaster would have been one of the premier attractions. However at Universal the ride seemed to fade more and more into the background, especially after Potterverse came along.
  8. This article seems very biased based on the wording, particularly when it opens with the statement "A log ride at Knotts Berry Farm has been poorly maintained.." The fact that they waited until the end of that statement to say said statement is "according to a lawsuit..." makes the tone of the article more harsh and dramatic than what I think the facts laid out in the article call for. It seems like this journalist is jumping the gun honestly.
  9. Talk about an exciting day! I love the look of this coaster! It is absolute eye candy! Did they mention anything about the fate of Sky Cabin?
  10. Even though this has been rumored for a long while I'm still blown away by this. This is a coaster that will be remembered long after it's gone. Out of all the defunct coasters I can think of, I believe that this coaster will by far be missed the most. To enthusiasts it'll be as legendary in it's absence as Big Bad Wolf, Drachen Fire and Crystal Beach Cyclone. Perhaps even more. Unlike some of the previously mentioned rides however this legend is a great ride. I'll miss rocketing towards that castle wall on Ice. That was one of my favorite coaster visuals ever.
  11. The thing that is depressing to me about this is that B&M doesn't build coasters like Dragons anymore. Even if they were to build a similar layout I feel as though that the shaping of elements would be altered so the ride wouldn't be nearly as forceful.
  12. So disappointed by this. To me this coaster was one of the only rides that I want to ride multiple times when I visited the park. Most of the others are fun, but I almost never feel the need to ride things like Forbidden Journey more than once in a visit. With certain rides like Minion Mayhem and the Simpsons Ride, I'll go months or even years without riding them. Sadly I feel as though more and more new Universal attraction fall into the latter category.
  13. Outside of the parks, of course you have the water parks and Disney Springs. Something to keep in mind too is that the resorts themselves are attractions that are worth visiting if you have the time. Some stand outs are the Magic Kingdom area resorts (Grand Floridian, Polynesian, Contemporary, Wilderness Lodge) where you have great restaurants, gorgeous beaches to walk on, and some amazing places to watch the fireworks (although you'll likely want to watch the fireworks from the park since it's going to be your first opportunity to see the show). The Polynesian and Grand Floridian are connecte
  14. On Sunday I decided to make the trek to Knott's for the last day of the Boysenberry Festival and of course, Boomerang's last day. This was by far the busiest I've ever seen the park. Luckily this was also the day that I decided to try Fast Lane for the first time so I was still able to get on a lot. There are a lot of photos of Boomerang below and I included those not because I thought it was a great ride, but because it was very photogenic in a way that most coasters of the same model are not in my opinion (except for the period that it had the purple and green color scheme). This was a spect
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