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  1. Awesome photos! I believe the word is spelled "aerial" though...unless it was a pun...aerial + Ariel = Aeriel
  2. Does SeaWorld still do those "Dinner with Shamu" things? I bet this incident makes them reconsider if they do. -Derek
  3. That castle idea reminds me of the old S.S. Disney ship concept that Imagineering came up with years ago before they made the cruise ships. Here's a recent article about it, if you're interested: http://disneyandmore.blogspot.com/2009/11/ss-disney-incredible-wdi-project.html Forgive me if that's old news... -Derek
  4. Bummer...I'm glad I had the chance to ride it again this year. So...do you guys really think BG might make a whole new park section where Drachie and Wolfie stood? If so...what would it be? A whole new European region? Scandinavia? Spain? -Derek
  5. Mike...I didn't want to say this at Atari because I didn't want to hurt anyone else's feelings. But I must tell you that your ride is the best mine ride in the works on the boards. Instead of copying my ideas, you have taken Wagi's CS and the mine genre and have run with them and done your own unique idea! I certainly appreciate your creativity and the fact that you aren't just copying. Your lighting is AWESOME, by the way. Keep it up, man! I can't wait for the POV. Please don't take a year to make it like I did. LOL!! -Derek (your biggest fan!)
  6. I did the original digital art for the ghosts, but Wagi used my art to texture the actual objects and he added the glow in the scenery creator. -Derek
  7. Found it! Here's the thread at Atari! I bet you could use some of the other events in the set too...there's some pretty gory stuff in there. Make sure you download the particle effects file too! tycoon4life's death ride events set -Derek
  8. Terry, to be honest, John's explosion effect doesn't work as well as I had hoped...the ones in DasMatze & Mr.Plow's coal Mine set work much better (more consistently). The fireball event when the ghost of McManus "blows you clean out of the mountain" is actually from another set and I'm drawing a blank on the guy that made it...it is a set of booby traps. I'll look it up. -Derek
  9. Hi, Terry! Yes...he just posted a screenshot a little while ago in Wagi's thread. They are hoping to release them both tomorrow night...so you'll have them for the weekend. -Derek
  10. Cool...yeah...we'll be releasing the scenery and events probably this weekend. I'll post the link here too. Hope you like it! -Derek
  11. POV Video now available!! go here: http://www.putmeonthenet.net/GhostMine.htm. The video is up at the top. Please do not stream it...please "save-as". Thanks! -Derek
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