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  1. Awesome photos! I believe the word is spelled "aerial" though...unless it was a pun...aerial + Ariel = Aeriel
  2. Does SeaWorld still do those "Dinner with Shamu" things? I bet this incident makes them reconsider if they do. -Derek
  3. That castle idea reminds me of the old S.S. Disney ship concept that Imagineering came up with years ago before they made the cruise ships. Here's a recent article about it, if you're interested: http://disneyandmore.blogspot.com/2009/11/ss-disney-incredible-wdi-project.html Forgive me if that's old news... -Derek
  4. Bummer...I'm glad I had the chance to ride it again this year. So...do you guys really think BG might make a whole new park section where Drachie and Wolfie stood? If so...what would it be? A whole new European region? Scandinavia? Spain? -Derek
  5. Mike...I didn't want to say this at Atari because I didn't want to hurt anyone else's feelings. But I must tell you that your ride is the best mine ride in the works on the boards. Instead of copying my ideas, you have taken Wagi's CS and the mine genre and have run with them and done your own unique idea! I certainly appreciate your creativity and the fact that you aren't just copying. Your lighting is AWESOME, by the way. Keep it up, man! I can't wait for the POV. Please don't take a year to make it like I did. LOL!! -Derek (your biggest fan!)
  6. I did the original digital art for the ghosts, but Wagi used my art to texture the actual objects and he added the glow in the scenery creator. -Derek
  7. Found it! Here's the thread at Atari! I bet you could use some of the other events in the set too...there's some pretty gory stuff in there. Make sure you download the particle effects file too! tycoon4life's death ride events set -Derek
  8. Terry, to be honest, John's explosion effect doesn't work as well as I had hoped...the ones in DasMatze & Mr.Plow's coal Mine set work much better (more consistently). The fireball event when the ghost of McManus "blows you clean out of the mountain" is actually from another set and I'm drawing a blank on the guy that made it...it is a set of booby traps. I'll look it up. -Derek
  9. Hi, Terry! Yes...he just posted a screenshot a little while ago in Wagi's thread. They are hoping to release them both tomorrow night...so you'll have them for the weekend. -Derek
  10. Cool...yeah...we'll be releasing the scenery and events probably this weekend. I'll post the link here too. Hope you like it! -Derek
  11. POV Video now available!! go here: http://www.putmeonthenet.net/GhostMine.htm. The video is up at the top. Please do not stream it...please "save-as". Thanks! -Derek
  12. Awesome pictures! So how was Mystery Mine at night? I've never had the chance to ride it in the dark. Looks like I need to go in December. -Derek
  13. Wow! Thanks, man! That means a lot! I'm a big horror fan as well so I try to include lots of surprises. There are many elements of the ride that I haven't posted screenies of yet...I'm saving some surprises for the video. -Derek
  14. Thanks!! My projects typically take me about a year...Ghost Mine is the one I started after this one. -Derek
  15. Thanks, guys! Much of the scenery was custom-made for this ride by two secret collaborators. The scenery will be released shortly after I release the final POV video. The sets include several custom ride events. -Derek
  16. POV Video now available!! go here: http://www.putmeonthenet.net/GhostMine.htm. The video is up at the top. Please do not stream it...please "save-as". Thanks! Here's an additional host site...in case the first one is having bandwidth issues: www.snowwerx.com/Fisherman.html the scenery is ready now as well! Wagi & ImagineerJohn's Ghost Mine Sets! -Derek Hi, guys! Remember me? I started the concept work for this project several years ago...well before Dollywood announced Mystery Mine. It is a darkride/coaster hybrid that if built in real life would be a Gerstlauer Eurofighter. In RCT3 I used short two-car floorless trains on the extended coaster track to get the look of the Eurofighter. Here's a bit of the back story, still in work: Ghost Mine - The Legend of Ghastly Gulch Waaaay back in the mid-1800s there was this here mining town called Ghastly Gulch. The work was hard, and the miners were poor. But they worked regardless. They worked on and on and on. Creeepy things started to happen in the mine...people started hearing strange things and seeing lights and shadows in the darkness. At first, they thought it was merely the gases in the mine playing tricks with their minds but then stranger and stranger things began to happen. As it turned out, there was a shrewd old prospector by the name of McManus who had discovered the “mother lode” of gold deep down a tunnel that no one else knew about. And, being quite creative, he had begun to try to scare the other prospectors out of the mines by making ghostly noises in the tunnels and by hanging colored lanterns in strange places. He wanted that gold all to himself, you see. And for a time, his plan seemed to work. Folks said the mine was haunted and many otherwise brave men wouldn’t dare to venture inside the Ghost Mine of Ghastly Gulch. But when his antics were finally discovered in the winter of 1851, he disappeared. No one ever saw him again. But the scary thing was, the eerie shadows and sounds STILL haunted the mines. Was McManus still alive, lurking in the mines, trying to protect his gold? Some folks say he was. Greed took over the townsfolk like a fever, and they searched and searched for the gold but couldn’t find it. Shortly after McManus vanished, luck played a nasty hand with the townsfolk of Ghastly Gulch. In the spring of '52 there was a terrible earthquake which gave the town and the whole region such a jolt that the town was flooded by nearby Lucky Lode Lake and swallowed up by the earth! All that was left was the entrance to the mine...and the lake...with the town and the greedy townsfolk buried deep down below. Through the years, daring adventurers such as yourselves have gone into the mine in search of McManus' gold, never to be seen again. Some screenshots: Teaser Trailer: Filefront to download trailer: Ghost Mine Teaser Trailer or Youtube (hi-fi version available if you go to the Youtube page...just click "watch in hi-fi" in the lower right corner of the video screen on the Youtube page): Right now I'm editing the final POV video. I'll keep you posted. -Derek[/u]
  17. Poltergeist has been in dire need of new paint for several years...Goliath's bright paint job right next door is really going to emphasize that. Hopefully they'll paint it for next season. Also...I still hate the name Goliath for this ride. I mean they put it in the Los Festivales section...so why not name it something like Diablo? It looks great though.
  18. Is it true that there's a basketball court up inside Splash Mountain??? -Derek
  19. yeah...I was just there last week myself and tried to see if I could tell where the ride had been but there's no trace of it. The whole place is pretty empty now. The highest escalator is closed off and it seems the upper floors are all boarded up. Would have been cool to ride it. -Derek
  20. Thanks, everyone!!! And the big lift really isn't vertical...it is 60 degrees...it looks vertical because I used some clever 30 and 60 degree scenery objects to build the shaft around the track. -Derek
  21. thanks, guys! Yes...that's my attempt at a Rod Serling-ish voice on the first lift hill... You can film raw footage with no sound in RCT3...but then I edited it all and added all the sounds. -Derek
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