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  1. ^1-3 and the walls set were made by Wabigear, but the 5th set, containing the animated pieces, is made by Imagineer John and is found on the same page as the other Ghost Mine CS. Also I still recommend using the in-game recorder. Start recording, then come back in 30 minutes. Judging by how much has recorded in that time, you can estimate how much longer it will take to finish the whole ride, and you can go do something else for that amount of time. That's what works for me at least.
  2. ^Thanks! I'll try to answer all your questions. The keep out doors were made by Imagineer John for Fishermans Ghost Mine ride, and can be downloaded at the Ghost Mine website here: While you are there I highly recommend you check out his ride, it is fantastic. The hanging body in The Tomb was given to me by a CS maker (PB&J) after he saw me asking about it in a thread. He happened to like my work so he gave it to me. He has only given it to 3 people (that I know of) and many many people have asked. The sound effects in my video are all found via google search, which takes a very very lo
  3. ^That was pretty good! I've done quite a few, but I'll post some of my best ones. The Shaft, which was my first dark ride and second attempt at building anything in Rct3. It was inspired by Fisherman, who is the best dark ride creator there is in my books. If you haven't seen any of his projects, I recommend you go check them out. My second dark ride. My third dark ride. IMO, good concept, poor execution. I'm currently remaking this ride now. And The Tomb. Out of all these, I haven't made one that I was happy with. So I guess I'll just have to keep making them
  4. The exchange is great, and the free DVDs make it even more awesome! Just a quick question about the "scenery" category though. (Rct3) Does this refer to Custom Scenery Objects or scenery saved as a custom structure? Also, would you mind if CTRs (Custom ride vehicles, or custom tracked rides) were uploaded into this category as well?
  5. The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is really similar to a CTR someone made for Rct3 a couple years ago: www.dasmatze.de/rct/page.php?76 Think of it as a suspended coaster, where the car can freely swing back and forth. I'm guessing the ride will be something along those lines.
  6. <---Wish I could make this link bigger, so people could actually see it! Something has gone horribly wrong at the archaeological dig site! The crew has gone missing and the tomb seems to have come to life! You can try to rescue them, but will you even get out alive? Ok I was able to overcome tech problems which I thought marooned this project, so this weekend I was able to go back in and finish it up. Also I know my mixmaster lazers are bad, but it's my first try with them. Please leave a comment! Also hanging bodies are from PB&J -Michael
  7. Also some of the drive wheels seen on the last page look a bit too far apart for a one car spinner.
  8. I really hope they keep rockit open for horror nights, or chances are I won't get to ride it.
  9. www.designamatic.com/RCT3-FCRE01.html This should tell you everything you need to know. -Michael
  10. You need to open your park in the scenario editor, where you can customize everything from backgrounds to weather. -Michael
  11. I got the game just about 1 month ago so I wouldn't think I would need any updates... I will go check it out though. Also, about the camera. Ctrl-click doesn't work in the terraformer, but it's how I rotate/move in the editor. If I try the same exact thing in the terraformer, nothing! EDIT: I downloaded the update and can record now, thanks! EDIT2: Well now the video came out upside-down and mirrored. -Michael
  12. These problems might be due to the fact I'm running the Mac version, or don't have a mouse. Just a trackpad. This is really odd, but I've tried everything. I just can't get the camera to rotate in the terraformer. Also, is there an in-game recorder? I can't seem to find it. Was it left out in the Mac version? ~Michael
  13. More loop construction! Hopefully it wont be too much longer before the trackwork is completed.
  14. Wow, I went to the South Florida Fair and it was basically the same thing. Same spinning mouse, same disgusting food, same wacky worm, and same I just relived the pain watching the POV. There were some differences though, like no chairswing tower and not as many darkrides, and no Big Ben... although there was a drop tower. A few other rides weren't there either. It was exciting to see Montu in the distance!
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