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  1. Cool, so if you're not a show person, that means more room for the people who are! That is fair enough, and respectable. And yea, this show has what you've listed, but I think the "impressive factor" in this whole deal is the size of it all. 1,200 fountains on a pad bigger than a football field, all in perfect unison to multiple Disney films, and stories. It may be just the "same old fountains" but there's some new technology mixed in there. Flame whips, butterfly fountains, the newest laser technology, and not to mention the big-@$$ HD projectors.
  2. As of right now, it looks like the whole back part of the pier is going to close. But that's the last I've heard. Regarding the ride in the lagoon: If it was bigger, I would have wanted a ride too. Hopefully they take out Mulholland Madness/Goofy's Sky School eventually, and put a ride in that splashes down into the west side of the lagoon. Oh, and here's two more pics from testing a few nights ago.. EDIT by larrygator: I've fixed it here, but please remember to resize all photos to (800x600 maximum) in the future
  3. Agreed. Every picture that everyone is going ga-ga over, I feel like "I've seen this before...like a LONG time before..." Maybe it's just that something like this is new to other people but having traveled around the world and seen a crap load of shows in my time this just is like, I dunno, not impressive to me. At least nothing I've seen so far. It feels more like something from Vegas cira 1998 than it does anything revolutionary. --Robb So....flame whips, butterfly fountains aren't that revolutionary....
  4. That actually sounds pretty good! At least it's better than Toy Story: The Musical. I'd rather see a comedic villans show, than a half-assed musical thrown together.
  5. Ok, I've added to the list of what *should* or *could* be changed. Tan Circle - The Hideout Area. This will be similar to Tom Sawyer's Island, with walkways, waterfalls, and Pan's Hideout, all tucked throughout the rollercoaster section of the Lost Boy's Ride. Pink Area - What is now the rumored Tinkerbell dark ride. Move the potential ride from the Motorboat area, to Neverland, and use the motorboat area now, for an addition to Autopia, or another Dark ride later on. Blue Circle - Pixie Hollow. Move the Pixie Hollow by TL to here, change Pixie Hollow to a nice wooded area with
  6. Wow....it took people awhile to respond! lol anyhow, I do agree that the Neverland theme is "down" due to Michael. And I will post pictures of what it could look like. And I also agree, Roger Rabbit is one of my preferred attractions as well, and I'm actually going to post a new thread with a COMPLETE list of everything I want to change at the resort, and will also include what will change as well with DL, and DCA. Getting back to it, Roger Rabbit could move to the Hollywood Studios portion of Hollywood Pictures Backlot, and get some major updates with the move. There's some ideas that have be
  7. Thanks adam for the update! Space Mountain looks better than ever now! Can't wait to ride it when I make it back to Florida next year for Christmas break!
  8. ToonTown is slowly fading out of the scene. Most of the land is faded, and just not what it was back in the 90's. So, with all this hype of Tinkerbell, why not change Toontown, to Neverland? Note, I said NEVERLAND, not Pixie Hollow. There's too much controversy of Disney making boys land, and girls land, so, I'm doing something no one's thought of, COMBINING the two! Utilizing the buildings currently there, Neverland will contain the following, as noted by color. Red Area - Lost Boys Dark Ride/coaster. This will be an indoor/outdoor ride, going through all the expeditions of the lost boys.
  9. My wish list is pretty hefty... - Take out HISTA, bring in an E-ticket show, something like ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter. - Bring back the people mover, add screens like the did with Horizons @ Epcot. -Take out Innoventions, bring in a show in the bottom half, and the Peoplemover queue, and entrance on the second, this way, you don't have miles of rope and chains cutting off the guests in the already crowded bottlenecked entrance to TL. - Update Autopia with the "Green Cars" they have in HKDL, with a futuristic look, unlike the "roadster", "coupe" and "sports car" they have now. Wi
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