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  1. ^I rode Star Tours today and I agree with everything you said. I just wanted add that the ride is very short though! about 3 minutes compared to the originals 4 minutes. It seems extremely rushed, But overall B+
  2. ADMIN EDIT!!! B.S. REMOVED! Did you not see Elissa's post? Here, I'll quote it for you again... Seriously, no one really gives a f**k about the size of the tank. Now shut it with the annoying animal rights garbage and get back to discussing the awesome report. --Robb "There was a SEA LION SEX SHOW!!! Why do you care about the size of the whale tank when there was a SEA LION SEX SHOW?!?!" Alvey
  3. The new Spider-Man should be really big hit! Its budget is only 80million compared to Spider-Man 3's 258million.
  4. While all Magic Kingdom parks around the world are the "same". They are all completely different. Different tones, atmosphere in them. Everyone needs to be explored! Everyone will have a different favorite.
  5. I like how DLR is small. Disney World (which I think Everyone should Experience) Is like a City its huge you never have to leave. Disneyland I love how everything is walking distance. 3 hotels, Downtown Disney, 2 themeparks all within like a 1/3 mile walk. Disneyland is better then Magic Kingdom and the parks them self are up kept much better at Disneyland... but in the end Disney World is a world and there is more to do, and it gives you the TRUE Disney magic as your transported to a strictly Disney "World".
  6. You mean Disney would have laid out and planned all the options and picked the one that would provide them with the least amount of lost revenue? No way! Either way, I'm sure the suggestions being brought up on here about the park are MUCH better options! /sarcasm Im not saying its the right thing to do... I just think they would lose wayyy more money. Imagine coming on vacation and seeing a themepark closed Disney no less. Plus its not like in 6 months they could Finnish building all the new rides just the entrance. --Jay
  7. I Think the amount of people and and revenue lost in those 6 months if they were closed would be FAR greater then now. Thats like 3 million people not attending the park. Not staying a extra day to eat and shop. Im sure Disney Laid out all the options and decided they would gain the most from this. So far it is work Attendance will be at 7m or so up form the 6m last year. DCA and the resort in general had a great year! --Jay
  8. I am heart Broken! That part of the ride up until the turn around is the best... Its Freaking Insane and out of control The air time is the best in the Westcoast on that drop. Now its nothing --Jay
  9. Depends on your Imax. If you live near a Giant Imax then yes yes yes! If not then no not at all.
  10. The Launch is actually more intense then TTD. TTD = 30mph per sec on average Ferrari = 35.47mph per sec on average (about equal to Xcelerator and a hint under KK) at 4.2 seconds or if 0 - 149 in 4.0 like on RCDB, 37.25mph ( more then Xcelerator and KK)
  11. Thank you! Disney fans are nuts,go on micechat and it is constant complaining about how Pixar rides are bad for Disney... last time i checked Pixar is Disney! Its no different just like you said. I love Bugsland at DCA and Toy Story Playland looks really good. --Jay
  12. Big Brother and Change the Future..... OFFICIAL SELECTION 2010 Los Angeles Reel Film Festival!!!
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