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  1. ..........Argghhhhhhhhhhh, i hate rollercoasters!!!!!...........
  2. New Netcot episode online! Hong Kong Disney but sadly no audio. Hopefully more coming soon. P.S. Thanks for all the replies i listened to a few of your suggestions and liked them....sooo....thanks and ROCK ON!
  3. This is a picture of me in front of the rusty (but sexy) Vekoma Corkcrew coaster at Flamingoland, UK! Bellhop - "I FRICKIN LOVE CORKSCREW" - 96
  4. I am getting a Club TPR membership for christmas from my Aunt. Can't wait, it sounds so cool!
  5. Thanks, i will try them! p.s. Van has been recording a new netcot episode this week!
  6. Nerds are Dorks but geeks get it done! Spread the word!
  7. Hi, i am a huge fan of the Netcot Podcast by Kevin Hansen (Van Netcot) I was wondering iff anyone else listened to it or other Disney Podcasts and had and recommendations or opinions on them. What is your favourite Netcot episode? Favourite Song? Quote? and so on...... Go Ahead.... Post! Bellhop - "I LOVE NETCOT AND RELATED DISNEY PODCASTS" - 96
  8. I am in my senior school school band playing the Clarinet. I also play Guitar, Drums and Vocals in my own band which my best friend and i have formed. It's called "EAR PROTECTION MUST BE WORN" Stephen - Anyone like Lasagne Meatballs? - Hamilton
  9. Thanks Tezee and Tiger 01! Guns N Roses are my favourite band by far, with Iron Maiden drawing close in behind. Oh and sorry for the rubbishy captions, my pictures were not that funny!
  10. Sorry everyone for offending you with a picture. It was not me who made it a world record!
  11. I am not sure. Whenever i was at Blackpool Pleasure Beach it was ALWAYS closed. It lookes untouched so i would guess it lies dormant inside that "crater" or whatever it is!
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