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  1. Yes!!! whoohoo!!! realistic coasters finaly... Thank you so much....
  2. Save it in the .3ds format..., or if it doesn't work look in the no limits help under the Help menu in the editor. Look for "scene objects".
  3. I must start to ask if you have Windows Vista... I have the samething, at least i think so... try to search after a trackfile that you know exists. Probably it will show up under a strange folder named "Appdata". Witch seem to be like a fast access folder for Vista. Vista saves the track there, probably because it doesn't allow changes to be made in a program folder, without having to ask you all the time. in the word change it's included; new files to be created. If you would install No limits under the folder "Users" instead, i think you would have no problems of this kind. I would suggest, if you not have that many tracks yet, to reinstall No Limits into the Users folder or at least somehow have your tracks folder there, I mean under My Documents. I have to find my files in this strange folder manually and copy it to my No limits library, it's crap!!!! hope it helps...
  4. I think the yelllow/black colour scheme looks much better! Cool coaster....
  5. Well,m that was really twisted, but how would people reach the loading station? By Helicopter maybe?
  6. Well, I need help to get the exact hight of the top of the ledgers in my NL coaster track. I need it so that i can translate it into my model I build. I work in "Generate Final" mode. There you can highlight one red ball, go to the top mode and when moving the mouse around, you can see that the "cursor number" (displaying were in the space you are) for Y: are stuck. The number it shows is also the hight of the ball. You can get the hight of the handrails, no problems... But when you want the hight of the ledgers, the problems comes. This is a wire game, wich means that when you go from wires to a piece of wood (in the simulator) it has to "grow" in a sertain way. There is one ball for the catwalk and one for the ledger, but the later one But I can't really find out how the ledgers grows and if i can get the exact hight at all? I hope somebody understands my problem, ask if it's any doubts Please help!
  7. Damn, how good you are in AutoCAD, I wish I knew how to use it for my modell. The static wooden one that are built in another thread. But it's not enough time to learn - deadline in end of FEbruari. And I have a whole model to build also. Hope every thing works out fine!
  8. Hi again! Yes it's been a while since I were writing in this thread. First. This thread is ment to make peaple visit to the real model building thread. Please follow link: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=39184 Second. Yes I havent written wery much there either, but that because I building a model, that takes a lot of time. I will post construction pictures, just press the link and see
  9. Thanks! for the answer Hyyyper: About "Improved Friction" I guess it does; but does it mean that the coaster becomes more realistic or not?
  10. Hi again! I know my language aren't the best, but I try! To PCW FREAK; coasterdude5;Liseberg4ever: Really fun that you all like the coaster and it's layout. The short lengh of the coaster, is because I making it a model as I wrote earlier... Yes it's what I think will work best, without doubt! Du svensken: Vad betyder "this is not garmany"? Do you know if there are any free software that can make a video of the coaster? I Will try later making a video of it, but for now I must build the model. I wil put up more and more pictures of the model on the linked page. Dont Forget To Click THe Link, to my model building page: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=39184
  11. Hello out there! A nice little woodie, witch features a heart shape... Let me know what you think about the layout and so! Is it to fast, rough or to little banked in som place. TeLL me!!! I want it to be realisticly looking... If you wonder where are the theming and threes, I put my energy in making it a scale nonworking model. Folow the making of the model here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=39184 It's my graduation work actually!
  12. I build it in scale 1:74 , 1 meter or 3,28 feet on the model = 74 meter or 242,7 feets or 80,8 yards in the real. 1 cm or 0,39 inch ------II------- = 74 cm or 2,43 feet's or 29 inches in the real. 1:74 is a scale that isn't to big nor' small to work with. The model building site are 90 cm * 90 cm = 35,4 inches * 35,4 inches.
  13. Schotj wrote!: I have worked with No limits for two years time... When i do a coaster I start putting out the layout flat on the surface. I usualy make it as a complete circuit. I use a lot of segments, so that it's easy to start rising it in to a coaster. Your second Qestions: When i want to have a part of the coaster in a strait line, I put out red nodes (for custom suport) close to the ground and combined them with lines. If you have put the nodes in a strait line, then you would now have a strait line. Then i put on the heartline feature, so that i with ease can place the middle of the track on the line. DO ALL I TOLD YOU IN "TOP VIEW"!!! I find it wery annoying when I use (I) to make my track go strait forward; then my nice hill, I just created, becomes a strait line. I hope No limits will get a tool to make a coaster go strait becoms much easier! Do you think like I do?
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