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  1. wonder if they'll have Exit Ride Passes available during Fright Nights, might make things pointless to get the VIP Tickets for myself if they have that available for me.
  2. we never got to try it out but it wasn't that big of a loss for us anyway.
  3. Popnology was fun but I think they got one of those rigged Donkey Kong machines so that high score wouldn’t be beat.
  4. sorry we missed you Nrthwnd, here’s the photos we got when we went on the last day, I left around 7PM and my friend left around 6ish, I was able to win close to $200 total at the Under/Over tables this year, not too bad.
  5. I have never watched CSI. My opinion is based on my first person encounters. fair enough, but it's never a good idea to judge an entire group of people based on a small amount of people, I've always had a pleasant time hanging out with my fellow Furry friends, where'd you encounter them? was it in your hometown or somewhere else?
  6. let me guess, you're under the impression that Furries are like the people from that CSI Episode?
  7. yeah I don't think there'd be that much force to do that but you never know, and a lot of the Fursuits that I've seen have zippers on the head so they're pretty tight against their heads.
  8. now to figure out a way to convince Playland to allow all the Furries to come in their Fursuits and ride the rides will take a long time and a ton of paperwork to convince them to allow us to do that though be great publicity though for the park.
  9. great photos, can't wait to go back with my Furry friends later this month, one of them said he'd help me out and we'll try to get more people next time, maybe possibly get an entire train filled with people on both Coaster and Bug Whirled
  10. yeah the games didn't really change much in the arcade but that bombs away game is the exact same as that wicker basket one so don't spend too much money on it because the chances of winning are next to none, especially with them switching out the balls, as for the Bug Whirled ride as long as the person in the seat is heavier than the people behind you you'll get a good spin on it, it doesn't matter which seat you sit in, oh except you'll want to sit on the seat closest to the station.
  11. I see it there my friends got to the park around noonish, we went through the mini golf course and won some stuff while going through from the Z95.3 people there including a popcorn tub, free mini donuts, and a notebook that I can use while Geocaching, I'll be getting a Season Pass soon so you'll see me there more often this year, that family coaster is a lot of fun, did you try out that Flutterbye ride? it's a lot of fun.
  12. Coaster is an alright night ride but my favourite is the Breakdance at night, even though the ride cycle sucks the lights on it is amazing, Coaster is simply Christmas lights on the railings, and as for night rides it's only during the PNE which is the last 2 weeks in August, I'm hoping it'll get better with this supposed expansion and they'll have the park open much later during the entire summer months.
  13. it's bits of bacon with fries and gravy and a hotdog underneath it, it's insanely messy but good.
  14. I'm here too with some friends, we're at the pig races right now, I tried one of those Crazy Dogs for lunch, pretty good. Unroutine Poutine Hotdog
  15. I'm kind of biased because the magician in the VIP Lounge is a good friend of mine and are you talking about that trick where he has this card that has a grey elephant on it from Denmark? if it is that one I actually used to perform that one but stopped doing it because of that reason. I personally liked the VIP Experience because I rarely get those Trevor performing by himself without his better half with him. When I got the popcorn it was freshly popped so I had no issue with it.
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