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  1. Thank you all so much for all the helpful advice I am extremely looking forward to going back as I really only remember a few rides and attractions. I'm really looking forward to all the big attractions especially TOT as I am a huge fan of the Florida version I shall try and look out for you Kyril, it would be nice to have someone else to ride the big rides with me as alot of my family are wimps
  2. Thanks guys for the help We're probably going to hit all the big attractions and the parade and maybe one show I'm only really interested in TOT and RNRC in the studios Also what time is it best to get to the park by? And where would you recommend eating. Thanks
  3. Hi, on Wednesday me and my family are going to Disneyland Paris. I haven't been to DLP in about 10 years so don't really remember much. I need some tips on how to make the most of our visit. We have a one day park hopper so can only spend one day at the resort. I want advice on queues, best times to get to the park, which rides to do first and any other advice that might be useful. Thanks
  4. Hey guys I'm very very excited about this new ride as i have never been on something like this I'm hoping to go on opening day but I'm having my doubts as it is a saturday they're opening it is anyone else going to try and make opening day? Also I've never been to the opening of a new ride before, what time is best to get to the park for? Thanks
  5. Drop rides scare the hell out of me especially apocolypse Also on Brighton Pier the super booster scares the hell out of me especially because it suspends you over water! But I'm fine with most roller coasters
  6. In the Summer holidays we may be doing a Europe trip visiting: -Parc Asterix -Europa Park -Holiday Park -Phantasialand -Walibi Belgium and maybe a visit to Thorpe Park/Chessington and Alton Towers+Drayton Manor
  7. Hi guys! I hope to film some POVs of Expedition G Force, Silver Star and Vertigo on my France, Germany & Belgium trip. Does anyone know what the rules are about POVs over there?
  8. Which coaster has the worst name (by the way I searched for this topic and there was nothing) I think the coaster with the worst name is Stealth at Thorpe Park. It's themed to 50's drag racing yet it's called Stealth
  9. Thanks again guys the new idea is: Eurotunnel, Calais to Paris, Then Parc Asterix, Then Europa Park (maybe visit the stadium in Stuttgart), Holiday Park, Cologne/Phantasialand and finnaly Walibi World & Which hotel is better value Colosseo or Phantasialand? (ling boa)
  10. Hmm really tough one: 1. Nemesis 2. Montu 3. Dueling Dragons: Ice 4. Dueling Dragons: Fire 5. Nemesis Inferno
  11. I remember this ride it was £3 a go. When I first went on it I was terrified but I loved it. Then when I went back it was gone and Segaworld was replaced by the crappy Funland It was my first freefall ride too PLEASE BRING THIS AWSOME RIDE BACK
  12. 2001 Submisson-Alton Towers 2003 Duel-Alton Towers 2004 Spinball Whizzer-Alton Towers 2005 Rita-Queen of Speed-Alton Towers 2006 Expedition Everest-Animal Kingdom Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-Alton Towers Pirates of the Carribean (with Jack Sparrow)-Magic Kingdom That's it apart from some at my home parks Chessington and Thorpe Park
  13. Standup Dive Machine It could be possible as the super booster rides (like the one on brighton pier) have stand up floorless gondolas
  14. Hi again This is kinda off topic but I saw on the Alton Towers Almanac discussions that you plan to visit the UK in 2009. Would I be able to join? I would be 15/16 in 2009 so if you do go could I join? Once again sorry for being off topic lol
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