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  1. I am fairly surprised at how respectful this thread has been, topics like this tend to become heated easily. Anyway, I feel I should state my opinion. Though, I doubt many people care about a 14 year old's opinion on this war. I feel that this whole 'war' was a mistake, it was something we didn't need to get involved with; none of our business, as long as there isn't an actual threat to us. But, now that it's taking place, I feel that we should finish what we started, and clean up after ourselves. Withdrawing before completing a mission, in my opinion at least, shows weakness as a
  2. Hmm.. I'm glad I didn't go! I would've faced the heat to hang with people in odd costumes! All we need now is the very last part of the 202 Santan (which I believe is the US60 interchange?), and then the 202 South Mountain segment, and we have a complete beltway system. Nothing to cheer about, I know. After all, it is the wrong direction for Phoenix to be heading in, but at least ADOT is finally getting something done. --Cody
  3. Ok, so I'm in the market for a new laptop. I was looking at the Alienware Area-51 m5500. It seems... overpriced now that I think about it. Have any of you ever heard of, or had experience with "Vigor Gaming Computer"? http://www.vigorgaming.com/index.html They seem to have reasonable configurations, and good pricing. Plus, I see nothing but praise on resellerratings. I was looking at the "Ares": Intel Pentium Centrino Mobile Processor 760 at 2.00 GHz, 533MHz FSB, 2M Cache Obsidian Black (Please allow 5 to 10 additional days for customized painting) Intel 915GM + ICH6-M Chipset w/
  4. Man.. That thing FLIES. Looks awesome, can't wait to ride it. --Cody W
  5. This is interesting.. but like, what if it all screws up (if anything happens)? I mean.. what if we drift TOO far out of orbit? We'll be cold, and our crops will die. --Cody
  6. 1. I don't get along well with my family. 2. I need new shoes. 3. I lost 10 pounds and I don't know why. 4. My wrists hurt. 5. I WILL rule the world one day. --Cody W
  7. ^ Meh. Whats done is done. Just thought I'd show what kind of stuff happens when I'm bored. --Cody
  8. For the sake of pure randomness, I made these today. Note: The labels on the maps reflect common stereotypes. These do not reflect the actual locations. Your last chance to turn back! Away with you easily offended people! ---- I'll do more maps upon request! Have fun! --Cody W
  9. There was one in the Castle's N Coaster's arcade for a while, I believe. Looked pretty cool. --Cody
  10. Looks very scenic! I love it! --Cody W
  11. USA, Canada, and Mexico. The Navajo Nation, if that counts. Erm, South Phoenix? I want to go to Japan. --Cody W
  12. I felt this way when the Glendale Arena was starting to take shape. Now I kinda just fight my way through crowds. I do think this is good for Albuquerque though. HAVE FUN! --Cody W
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