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  1. Understandable. We felt that way a few nights for sure was we were re-explaining things. A diferent cruise for sure.
  2. Robb, the ship was wonderful and a had a lot going on. I really enjoyed Howl at the Moon as well as Blue Man Group, We got a pretty reasonable Balcony, however I understand the Haven Suites are awesome. I did feel that quite often I was getting nickle and dimed, but there was plenty to do on board that was free. They did have a very cool Deal or No Deal gameshow that used pretty cool techology, as well as some fun contests during the week. Looked like there was plenty of good stuff for the kids too with Nickelodeon. The whole freestyle concept took some getting used to, however once we got settled, it was kind of nice chosing when and where we wanted to eat.
  3. I just got off the Epic yesterday and we purchased an All-you-can-drink package. We ended up getting close to our monies worth, however the ability to order a drink at any time and not have to worry about wasting something I didn't like was great. Tried many new drinks just so I could, and always had a drink or two with dinner. The price was $49 a day plus gratuity and included beers $5.50 or less and achohol with a $6.25 price or less (Made no sense to us, and had to have it cleared up that it was the price of the "shot" or type being poured, not the drink price). This is my second time getting a beverage package like this, did it with Celebrity back in 2010. Both times, I felt like it was worth the price. Not sure if anyone else has been on the Epic, but that is quite the ship. We had a great time despite reading some bad reviews. My first time on NCL, and probably wont' be my last. I was very impressed with the level of service and quality of food. This coming from someone who last cruised on Celebrity... (Yea it wasn't to that level, but still at a very high one). The ship is spectacular and had lots of great features that I really enjoyed, including some kick ass waterslides. None the less, just wanted to throw my two cents in.
  4. Season Passes are $55.99. If you choose the payment plan, they are $59.99. Gold Passes are currently a few dollars more than 2011. Payment plan also will cost you a little bit more, as well as with the Plat pass.
  5. Just got off the phone with Carnival regarding our orgional booking 11/14 for those who haven't been following. We have been trying to get our travel refund that was promised (it's been really a pretty big fight) but finally feel like we are making leway. Needless to say, the rep was telling me it's been a tough few months for Carnival with all thats happening. He was less than thrilled about the new cancellations. I'm hoping to have our final answer by tomorrow regarding our travel refund...
  6. We just got off the Celebrity Solstice yesterday from our 7 Day Voyage to the Eastern Caribbean. WOW! What an amazing boat. Just looking at the Carnival photos a few pages prior and comparing to the Solstice it's amazing the differences in quality. I will try to write somewhat of a review later on, I need to head off to work now. If you haven't tried the Solstice or any of that class I would give it a try, what an amazing boat.
  7. Thanks Elissa, I'm really excited to be headed somewhere much nice as well. Hopefully the weather holds up.
  8. So an update on the Carnival front. We were notified that our cruise was cancelled yesterday afternoon... Shocking. None the less we were offered a full refund on our cruise, travel compensation, plus 25% off a future cruise (which I feel is kind of a joke being we were so close to our cruise). We scattered around yesterday and put together plan B. We are now cruising out of Ft. Lauderdale on the Celebrity Solstice this weekend. The ship looks amazing and I'm really excited to be headed out to Florida for this adventure. WHat really sucks is Carnival is saying we won't get our money back for 3 weeks. I'm getting a little pushy with them since we had to book an emergency alternate vacation, and we are spending almost $400 more per person with flights and the more expensive cruise. This was the only time of year we are all able to get the time off and facilitate this kind of thing. Don't wish this kind of emergency planning on anyone, it was amazingly stressful.
  9. Yea, so bummed. We are supposed to be on that boat Sunday. Still no word from the cruise line on whats going to happen.
  10. Just wanted to thank everyone who made their way out to CGA on Sunday! Hope everyone had an excellent time at the park. Ryan
  11. The area which was retracked last season was the first turn around. This year, the first uphill section, and second drop into the second turnaround were retracked.
  12. Guy & Rick, this is the sixth or seventh year for the event. Nights of Fire is one of the biggest additions for the event though in recent years.
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