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  1. I went to the park for the first time on Tuesday. It wasn't busy at all, possibly because there were thunderstorms in the forecast. Despite the forecast, it didn't rain at all! We were at the front of the pack that was lead back to I305 in the morning and rode it four times in a row with just a 2-3 minute wait each time. The longest wait of the day was Volcano around 11:30, which was 20-30 minutes. Crowds got even lighter throughout the day - we were able to ride Dominator six times in a row either without getting off or just switching rows when someone was waiting to get in the row we were in. All the coasters either met or exceeded my expectations. I305 was AMAZING. It may be my new favorite coaster! If there is bad weather in the forecast on the day you plan to go, consider taking the risk - it may be worth it!
  2. You could look into taking Amtrak or another train, or a Greyhound bus. Holiday World is in the middle of nowhere though, so you may need to have a car once you get into the area anyway. If you decided to fly, your most practical option to fly into would be Louisville International Airport in Louisville, KY, which is around 60-90 minutes away from the park. There is also Evansville Regional Airport in Evansville, IN, which is just under an hour away from the park. However, while Evansville is a mid-sized city, flying there may be more expensive than a major airport such as Louisville.
  3. I'm sitting in the hotel across from Kings Dominion and am going to ride Intimidator 305 for the first time when the park opens in a few hours
  4. That is especially bad to hear now. I'm leaving for DC today with either KD or Busch later this week (most likely Wednesday). However, I have also learned that for the next two weeks at KD it is "Church Youth Days." Has anyone been to the park during this time? Since this is spread over two weeks, maybe the extra crowds that come with it won't be too bad, but I'm not sure.
  5. I had mine removed when I was 18. They were starting to cause two of my other teeth to move slightly out of place, so that was plenty of motivation to hurry up and get them removed. I didn't have any problems after that! I went to work the next morning without any problems. I was buzzed from the pain medication and probably accidentally spit on some customers, but I wasn't in a comatose state or dying from pain!
  6. Yeah, I'm going to go with KD. I305 looks amazing, and several other coasters in the park also look good. Plus it is on the way from D.C to the area in VA where I'm going white water rafting. I haven't had much time or money for trips the past two years since I've been in college, and it will be the same story for the next two years until I graduate, so I need to make the most out of the few opportunities I'll have to ride coasters.
  7. Thanks for your help! I am also considering Kings Dominion now, because I originally thought Intimidator 305 was another B&M hyper, not a badass-looking Intamin. I think Hershey is at the bottom of the list right now, because it is slightly out of the way, though not too bad because it is in southern PA, and also because I worked at Cedar Point during the summer of '09, so I don't really want to choose a park whose main attraction (for me, at least) isn't as good as a coaster I've already rode countless times.
  8. I started out studying Cultural Anthropology, but have since changed it to a major in Geographic Information Systems with minors in Computer Science and Natural Resources Management.
  9. Hey, guys! Later this month, I am going to travel from Central Indiana to Washington, DC and also am going rafting and zip-lining in VA. I have time for one park in the general area, and I've narrowed it down to either Busch Gardens Europe, Hersheypark, or Kings Dominion? Which park do you prefer?
  10. No. If you were you were walking in a cemetery and a zombie approached you asking for a cigarette, would you give them one?
  11. While I will never in this lifetime eat one of these disgusting looking things, I don't care if other people do. People should be free to eat crap like this if they want. The large amount of coverage this has been getting in the media is a little ridiculous I think.
  12. I don't think enforcing reasonable rules (I would include cell phones in that) is oppression, but I do think ridiculous rules as well as dress codes is. I don't see why they would take the time to make up rules about facial hair (or something else equally unimportant) in schools when there are much bigger issues to deal with. More people end up in an administrator's office because of silly rules like that than they do for serious offenses that go unnoticed because of the focus lying elsewhere. Do I think cell phones should be allowed out in class? No. Do I think there are bigger issues that the teacher should be worried about, which they aren't? Yes.
  13. It isn't about the cell phones. I wish that you would look at the bigger picture here. I would think that your wish of spending tax dollars on enforcing dumb, pointless rules would take a back seat to the more important issue of graduation rates and test scores. Students would likely learn more if they weren't forced to obey pointless rules. My argument behind that is if they were treated with any amount of respect and weren't greeted at school with screaming cops and administrators restricting their creativity for absolutely no reason, then they would be more likely to stay in school and learn. For the first two years I was in high school, I had a great principal who wasn't strict about things like this. Everyone was happier, attendance rates were great, and it was all around a good school. After that though, he was promoted to superintendent and one of the assistant principals took over and started ridiculous rules and brought in cops to get mad over nothing in particular, and the school has been hell ever since. I never got into any major trouble in school and I graduated with a 3.7 GPA, but I've seen oppression in schools, seen what it can do, and I don't like it.
  14. ^ While I respect your opinion and see where you are coming from, I don't see how something could bother you so much that doesn't affect you in any way. I believe that schools are getting to be too strict about rules. Some rules are important, sure, but many schools have just plain stupid rules. There are several districts that don't allow facial hair, some have dress codes, or don't allow some types of clothing. I can understand some of the rules on that, but rules like students not being allowed to wear ripped jeans are just stupid. There are police officers in the halls that scream at students to get to class, long before there is risk of them being late. All in all, schools today generally are depressing, restrictive places where learning takes a back seat to rules and oppression. I know many people who have dropped out of school to take the GED just because they couldn't take it anymore, and I myself took some night classes (the night school atmosphere is more relaxed) and graduated early to get the hell out of there. School administrators pay much more attention to truancy than they do bullying and other more serious offenses, instead punishing otherwise good kids who are simply too afraid to go to school. As stated before, I did take a few classes in night school. There are less rules, it is more relaxed, and yet the students still manage to learn and pass their classes. If schools became more relaxed about certain things, then I think the dropout rates would decrease.
  15. Basically paying $10 a year (after store credit) wouldn't be bad, and it would definitely pay for itself anyway, if we were getting park discounts. I do have another idea though...maybe it would work if (free) membership cards were available only to those who were active members of TPR and had a certain number of posts on the site. That way not just anybody would join only to get the discounts. But if that idea isn't possible or it has already been tossed around, then I still wouldn't mind paying the small yearly fee.
  16. Haha! Thats pretty much all I ever use my Xbox for. My Wii does get a decent amount of use, though.
  17. Exactly. Let it go. If she breaks up with that other guy and gets with you, she would most likely be kissing other guy(s) while with you. I don't really believe in karma, but it sounds like that she is a sl...it sounds like she wouldn't have a problem messing around with other people, no matter who she is with. I know I'm probably over-analyzing this, it being a middle school situation and all, but I'm just saying...
  18. I don't really like the last one, but I gave it a 5 anyway. The first design is sort of cool and the roller coaster design is funny.
  19. Owl City CD and teal Owl City t-shirt - $26.75
  20. I voted with three of my email accounts. Best of luck!
  21. Well I have both my ear lobes periced, but thats it. I've thought about getting an eye brow peirced, but still haven't. I could never imagine a needle going through a nipple though, or anywhere below the belt...damn!
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