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  1. So what's the over/under going to be for how long it will be before they build a new coaster to re-capture the roller coaster crown? Ten months? I would take the over but I sure hope I'm wrong.
  2. Is most of the discussion of relocating Deja Vu forum rumors or has there been some managment at Magic Mountain that has been talking about that maybe happening at one point or another? I may be one of the few on this thread that loves the Giant Inverted Boomerangs but I could be wrong, but I would hate to see Deja Vu leave Magic Mountain and hopefully this is all just rumors.
  3. On tuesday I was only there till 2 pm because I had to get to John Wayne Airport by 6 and L.A. traffic is too upredictable. The time I was there though it was not too bad. It Tatu's line picked up very quickly once it opened and Goliath's line was miserable because they only had one train. The crowd on tuesday wasn't nearly as bad as the crowd was last saturday when all of the lines were all at least 45 minute lines at 5 pm. Whether or not you get a Gold Pass is your call because I don't know the trends of the park well enough.
  4. Hello everybody, I just got back from a five day trip to Magic Mountain. It was the best trip of my life. Superman went from an average ride to one of my favorites, and Green Lantern was suprisingly fun. I had about 65 to 70 rides and it was a blast. My question was for the frequent visitors since I only go there once a year. Superman broke down right as my Dad and I would have been the next train twice. Tatsu was broken down until the very last day we were there and we only had one ride on it, and the last 2 days, Goliath only had one train going. Are ride breakdowns a frequent thing or did I just have terrible luck?
  5. When I rode terminator I rode it without the effects and it seemed to be a better overall ride. The first drop of Tremors is very hard to beat. Timber Terror is also a CCI ride and it wasn't bad at all, and Timber Terror is 6 or 7 years older than Tremors so thats kind of interesting. The layout of Tremors may have a lot to do with its roughness. After you go out of the first tunnel you go over a bunny hill, you land really hard at the bottom of the second tunnel. The "helix" jarred me quite a bit as well. Both Terminator and Tremors keep their speed very well throughout the whole ride, but I will say that once you leave the chain lift on Terminator, it feels like you hardly slow down at all until the breaking point. Tremors has a great first drop and once you're through the helix, you aren't too excited to finish the ride up. You're more interested in finding out if they sell advil in Silverwood.
  6. So I wanted to compare Terminator and Trermors at Silverwood to see which coaster was the best wooden roller coaster in the west. I've been on Tremors many times but I didn't really remember it too well. Well today I had that opportunity . . . multiple times. Aftershock was closed becasue the park lowered ticket prices and the lowered cost would not allow them to break even if they were to have a paid staff running Aftershock. Anyways, I got to ride Tremors plenty of times, and after riding it about 4 times I had one thing to say... OUCH!!! The ride has become so rough and unpleasent to ride. I will say that it is more intense than Terminator, but the roughness ruins the ride. So my final verdict on best wooden roller coaster in the west is . . . TERMINATOR SALVATION IS THE BEST IN THE WEST!!!!! Man you guys that have that park as your home park are so lucky. I'm glad you guys get to expierience that on a regular basis.
  7. I know I posted this idea already but I thought since psyclone's trains are on colossus again, I'll post this train switching idea again. Its impossible to do but its a fun idea to poke around with. Switch Riddler's trains with the Scream! trains. What do you guys think?
  8. So this weekend I'm getting the pleasure of going to Silverwood. This is the first year they've been open this late in the year. It's an experimental thing and they want to see if it can work in the future. I'm extremely excited and can't wait. Its the only thing that I've been thinking about in school this week. There's a little obstacle though. The expected weather. High of 40, low of 25 with a 25 percent chance of SNOW! Now earlier this year I went to Magic Mountain during July. I'm sure a lot of you guys have been to Magic Mountain. For those of you who haven't, its about 110 during the heat of the day. So those are two pretty extreme weather conditions for coaster riding. So my question is, what is the worst or most extreme weather conditions that you have ridden coasters in?
  9. Have you guys seen the black guy operating Goliath at Magic Mountain who's absolutely ripped and ask's everyone who's your daddy.
  10. I'm no expert but I think a good analogy to make is a roller coaster to a car. The well made one's last longer and work better longer. Also the ones that are taken care of better are more reliable. An Example of this is Riddler's Revenge. It was built 11 years ago and its still very smooth and runs really well. The one's that aren't made as well or as efficiently wont stay as good of a ride as long. An Example of this Scream!. Its only a 6 year old ride and it runs like its a 15 year old ride. It just comes down to better rides can stand wear and tear better.
  11. My one ride on Colossus had me thinking one thing. . . why did I do that? It was very painful. When I got back to the hotel in the middle of the day I was actually a little bruised up on the sides of my ribs. They weren't like bruised to the point were I looked like a full back in the NFL, but there were a few spots of bruises. My dad seemed to think it would be a good idea to go on it, maybe its because the line was a zero train wait, but I guess that made him and me even for me convincing him to go on Batman for the first ride of our trip. But anyways, I think its kind of funny how the two roughest rides in the park are next to eachother. I could tolerate Scream! so I enjoyed it, but Colossus was just too much. How bad was Psyclone? It sounds like it had quite the reputation for pain. And for X2 should be running two trains all of the time, I'm sure they would if they could. If there isn't two trains running on the most popular ride in the park, there's probably a good reason for it.
  12. I know this may sound a little dumb, but I think a 30 min wait can actually ad to the ride experience. If you've never been on the ride before and you don't know what to expect, it builds up the anticipation and makes it more fun. If you're uncertain about what the ride's gonna be like and you only have to wait 5 minutes, it's not as fun. If you've been on the ride before, of course a short line is better, but if its not, learn to deal with it.
  13. I wouldn't know. I've only been to the park once sadly enough , but I will say that the helix is very intesne, thats for certain.
  14. Okay seriously they shouldn't be allowed to go to the front. I have ADHD and I have no problem waiting in line. A group of doctors developed a state of the art new thing called medication. Its truly revolutionary. I take it every morning and it seems to work fairly well. Strange to think it can be that simple.
  15. How close have any of you guys gotten to blacking out on Goliath's helix. I got really close one time when I wasn't really paying attention because I was watching Colossus for some reason. I heard from an operator that they have 2 or 3 people black out on Goliath everyday. Also, do you guys have methods of handling the g forces. What I do when I'm ready for it is flex really hard and squeeze my toes to keep the blood flow out of my legs.
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