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  1. Aaron Carter - Aaron's Party Aqua - Aquarium Nsync - No Strings Attached ...all of which I still listen to.
  2. Womanizer - Britney Spears Let It Rock - Kevin Rudolf Are You Lightning - Nada Surf Circus - Britney Spears Crystal Wave - Hypersonic Float On - Modest Mouse Over My Head - The Fray Fall For You - Secondhand Serenade Demon Speeding - Rob Zombie ...and finally, according to my ipod, #10 is... Lollipop (Candyman) - Aqua Give it a while and some Lady Gaga and some of the songs from the new Fray CD will be on there...I've basically been listening to both of those albums nonstop since Tuesday when I bought both of them.
  3. ^ Nah, I wouldn't go that far. Just look for the individual seasons in used media stores and you you can probably get all five seasons for about half that. It sucks though because QaF is really hard to find...at least where I live.
  4. ^ I love that show! I've got the first two seasons on DVD. My main (or at least the most expensive and wasteful) guilty pleasure is designer jeans.
  5. Wooden Out & Back- The Voyage Wooden Racing/Dueling- Gwazi Mine Train- Adventure Express Wild Mouse- SFKK Roadrunner Express (the only one I've been on) Stand Up- Riddler's Revenge Floorless- Dominator Mega-Looper- Kumba Flying- SUF Suspended- PKI Top Gun Inverted/SLC- Raptor Hypercoaster- Magnum Giga Coaster- MF Strata Coaster- TTD Boomerang- Invertigo LIM- Mr. Freeze (SFStL) Arrow Multi Looper- Viper SFMM
  6. Yeah, I always preferred Paramount as far as park atmosphere goes, but CF building quality coasters makes up for it. I just wish they had more unique ride names/signage, etc. Hopefully this will shut up the Carowinds fanboys for a while so CF can give some attention to the parks that need it more, CGA and MA.
  7. I hate shoveling snow. Thankfully I usually only have to do it for a few minutes before my neighbors feel bad enough for me that they walk over with their snowblowers. My driveway is on an incline though, so its always a pain getting my car up and into the garage whenver there is any snow or ice.
  8. Ticket for The Killers concert - $39.50
  9. The Disney trip sounds neat, but I'll probably try to do the Australia trip instead if it happens.
  10. Chinese food, devivery charge, and tip - $18
  11. I agree. I've had three jobs in the past two years, and everybody, including the management, knew I was gay and never had any problems with it. In fact, in my last two positions, I was (probably prematurely) promoted to assistant manager positons! I've been an assistant manager for AMC Entertainment and now, Urban Outfitters. And this is in Indiana, which just BARELY struck down an amendment to ban gay marriage. While I'm not too familiar with the British Columbia area itself, I'm sure you could be out at a job in most all areas of Canada.
  12. Right now I'm reading Raven - The Untold Story of the Rev. Jim Jones and His People.
  13. Oh, snap! That gets my vote. That would be a great name for a dog...especially if she is anything like the way my first dog was.
  14. While I think that Slumdog Millionaire will most likely win the award for best picture, I think Sean Penn and Gus Van Sant stand a good chance of winning in their catagories. All the nominees for best supporting actor are, in my opinion, amazing and if it weren't for Heath Ledger, I would have a hard time deciding which performence I liked the best. Josh Brolin did a great job in Milk, but I think my two favorite performences in that category were Ledger and Michael Shannon. I'm not sure if I would rather Taraji Henson or Marisa Tomei win best supporting actress. While I think that Benjamin Button was a great movie, I don't think it was nearly great enough to really beat out its competition in any of the categories, except for Henson's role.
  15. Revolutionary Road is just now coming out here today. From how it looks and what I've heard, I'm sure it will be one of my favorite movies from last year. I still need to see Frost/Nixon too.
  16. ^ I think it looks pretty scary, but The Unborn looks amazing...it comes out January 9.
  17. Valleyfair! and SFGAm are hours out of the way, but if you really want to go to them, I'd go to WoF first, and then VF and SFGAm. IB is about three hours away from SFGAm, so I would do that next. I would reccomend a detour to KI so you can ride Diamondback, and then hit HW; you could probably get both of those done in the same day. Dollywood would be next, and you could hit Magic Springs on the way back to TX. Edit - I reread your post. If you don't do all the parks you listed, I would definitely do the Indiana parks (along with the KI detour I mentioned if you're interested) along with Dollywood. I don't think any of the others are all that great, so go for whichever ones you like best. I'd also hit Magic Springs just because of location.
  18. Even if someone doesn't show up for TTD, it would be better to switch someone from Camp Snoopy to TTD, rather than TTD to Camp Snoopy.
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