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  1. I blacked out on Shockwave at SFGam before they took it out and that was twice and when we were doing commercial shooting on Millenium Force after about 12 times I was blacking out half the ride.
  2. Cedar Point What can you say about Cedar Point, Best park on the planet 8 years running, but not so much when you work there and spend everyday there. Geauga Lake Hey I love this little park and the water park is so much fun. Paramount's Kings Island One of my two favorite parks and I won a giant Sonic the Hedgehog and it was awesome. Hersheypark I was impressed by this park and who can turn away free candy after every ride? Kennywood I love this place, enough said. But the new Jack Rabbit sign is horrible. Knoebel's I thought this place was horrible and was not impressed at all, in fact my ACE friend and I left after 3 hours. Dorney Park Good little park and Hydra was frickin sweet. Six Flags Great America My favorite park, yes I know it's Six Flags. I love most of the rides there and the atmosphere. Mt. Olympus Hades is not as good as people say, I prefered Avalanche. Timbers Falls Avalanche is better than Hades. Michigan's Adventure My home park and my other place of employment, I love it here. Dollywood I was shocked at how good it was, and Thunderhead was breathtaking. Paramount's Carowinds Crappy, boring park. They something new and big.
  3. 2003 - Michigan's Adventure Games 2004 - Michigan's Adventure Assistant Team Leader Shivering Timbers 2005 - Cedar Point Magnum XL-200 Future - General Manager of a Cedar Fair park
  4. Being a coaster op I have first hand experience on this topic. No the ride op has no control on the speed but can change some variables that affect speed. Like on Wolvering Wildcat, which is manual brake, you can control how fast they enter the station and on Magnum you can turn the trims off and on which affects the speed on the second half of the ride. But for most coasters, like Shivering Timbers the only control you have is: Chain Start and Stop, Gates open/close, Lap bars open and close, Dispatch, emergency stop and what is called an emergency stop reset which is basically the same as pressing the reset button on your computer. Here is a link to a pic of Shivering Timber's control panel that I took.(It's too big that's why I'm using this instead of just posting. )
  5. One day this past summer while I was operating Shivering Timbers we has this huge storm so there was no one in the station and we were cleaning the blue train and then lightning actually struck the brake run and a transformer across the street at Lincoln Golf Course and knocked out power to the whole park and it was like 2pm so they had to close the park and sent home everyone. That was scary because the brake run is like 20-30 feet from teh station where I was standing, and I was cleaning hte train and I defenitly felt the electricity, scary.
  6. Wooden Out & Back-Shivering Timbers Wooden Twister-Viper Wooden Racing/Dueling-Racer(PKI) Mine Train-Adventure Express Wild Mouse-Mad Mouse Bobsled-Disaster Transport Stand Up-Iron Wolf Floorless-Dominator Mega-Looper-Shockwave Suspended-Top Gun Inverted/SLC-Raptor Non Looper Mega Coaster-Raging Bull Hypercoaster-Magnum XL-200 Giga Coaster-Millenium Force Strata Coaster-TTD, but we'll see later this summer Boomerang-Face/Off LIM-Flight of Fear & Steel Venom(GL) Arrow Multi Looper-Vortex
  7. What is your Favorite..... Wooden Out & Back- Wooden Twister- Wooden Racing/Dueling- Mine Train- Wild Mouse- Bobsled- Stand Up- Floorless- Mega-Looper Flying- Suspended- Inverted/SLC- Non Looper Mega Coaster- Hypercoaster- Giga Coaster- Strata Coaster- Boomerang- LIM- Arrow Multi Looper- Feel Free to add more topics.
  8. I worked on Shivering Timbers last summer and got my fair share of vomit aka "Signal 6, Guest Illness". I have to say that the smell of vomit is much worse than BO, and thanks for mentioning the Old Navy tech vest, because that's where I work at now and anythign bad about Old Navy is awesome.
  9. May 18-19 is early enough in the season where you won't have to worry about HUGE crowds. But you may want to run to TTD first unless it's down then run to MF. If you play your cards right and Freeway Passes correctly, then you could get a ride on everything in, and maybe some doubles.
  10. I have always thought about a inverted standup coaster. But that was when standup coasters were big. But i really like the idea of the individual dropping drop tower.
  11. It's a close fought battle but I have to go with B&M. In my top 5 I have 2 B&Ms and only 1 Intamin. I love the smoothness of both companies, but I have just had more fun on B&Ms. Sure Intamin pushes the envelope of speed and height, but B&M just produces coasters that are more fun. Thats my two cents.
  12. No Amazing Race= No Vote. I love this show and my sister and I plan on trying out as soon as she turns 18.
  13. -The Boss -Thunder Dolphin -SroS (SFNE) -Thunderhead And well everyother coaster in the world, I'm a credit whore.
  14. I know that I plan on going on April 9th for the park opening and I have a media preview pass for IJ:ST on May 19th. I wouldn't be shocked to see PKI use one of PCW's trains, because the trains are very complex, so they can't just be built.
  15. Even though the g-trains aren't that bad, I' dreally like to see GL use two of the old Herc trains, two are at Dorney and one is at Michigan's Adventure. I'm glad to see them fixing up RWB, it's a great coaster, full of fun. I'll be glad to visit the park on days off.
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