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  1. Is this the quake that took place when the world series was on in San Fran if so I remember watching it on tv as it happend
  2. I agree with Robb and can see where he is coming from It is a shame when something like disney that we have all enjoyed and that has been around for years gets there reputation tarnished. If I remember correctly most of us that use this great site is because we love theme parks! the good ones and the bad ones. SO why applaued the what those ungrate full staff members got up to when all it is doing is damaging an image and the respect of disney. If this keeps happeing in the long term and I do mean long term there will be no disney parks to go to and that is sad because America does not have a lot of history compared to us in europe but what you have is great so maybe you young guys out there should apprieciate it and think twice before having a laugh at stupid things like this
  3. Hi I went last year and it was ok was fun having been to Knotts Scary Farm I thought it would be really lame but wasnt to bad I would recomend it but just go with an open mind.
  4. Pic on bbc news link on bottom of first post. Im suprised they found it at all over here in the uk. They are always a bit on the slow side here its the slow boring english way of life Damn got beaten to it well done arrowfanman damn I always come second
  5. I wonder how he got that in the park Im not into radical statemates or politics but is was kinda funny in a way. Also funny that he is from bristol as that place makest the worse inbred places in the deep south of america look good
  6. Here we go in no order RC Pro Am Tecmo Bowl Halo 1 Halo 2 Contra Pole Position Mario Kart Rad Racer RCT 3 Zelda (the first one)
  7. What makes me laugh is all the people that said when the xbox360 came out (oh im going to wait for the ps3 it will be much better) well even if it is i have had a year and a half of next gen gaming while those who are waiting esp in europe will now be waiting longer how funny is that.
  8. ^Have driven one wouldnt wait did not drive that well nothing like the old r32
  9. Robb that was the nuts I have to go on a boring non coaster related vacation in a week can we have some more vids as can then sit in the sun and enjoy some coaster Thanks
  10. So glad to see france through as a England fan this week has got so much better first seeing Andy Murry knocked out of Wimbledon as he is scottish and then seeing Cristiano Ronaldo crying his eyes out like a little baby so glad the cheaters portugal are out
  11. Italy have beaten the Germans 2 - 0
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