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  1. Spokane has been in the 50's lately. Today we hit 69. Tomorrow they are forecasting a high 0f 83. The temps are changing fast and the mosquitos are loving it.
  2. I spoke with a rep at Disneyland today and he said that they should come out with some new specials in April.
  3. I have seen some deals in the past for stay 3 nights and get two free and other discounts on the hotels. My wife is a teacher so we are kind of stuck going in the summer. Right now I am looking at the good neighbor hotels. I just keep hoping for some deals to pop up for summer.
  4. Usually you can find some great offers for vacations to Disneyland for the summer. There doesn't seem to be any at this time. Are they holding out right now to see what the economy might do?
  5. Way cool. I had grand plans for my 40th. So much for grand plans. Maybe I'll go on a cruise for my 45th. I am so jealous!! HB. Glad you're having a fun time!
  6. I saw the movie and thought it was amazing. Usually the books are better than the movies so it will be interesting to hear what you think.
  7. Thank you everybody. I am saddened that the runway is closed. I would love to land there. The day I flew over we had a pretty big storm blow through so there wasn't as many people at Boulder Beach as normal. That morning I had to dodge a few clouds.
  8. Boulder Beach which is on the north side of the park. We didn't get the whole thing in the shot but hey, I didn't crash either! Coaster Alley. Notice that Panic Plunge is half way down the tower! Or half way up. Coaster at the top of the Corkscrew The parking lot is as big as Coaster Alley!
  9. It was 75 a few days ago and now they are predicting snow for Saturday! Saturday April 25th! The temps have been a rollercoaster in the PNW! I AM SO TIRED OF SNOW!!!!!!
  10. That's funny. I just turned the picture upside down and it works that way too. As far as land to develop I believe they own a lot of land east of the highway. I think that is where they will be building the hotel.
  11. I flew over Silverwood in North Idaho a couple of weeks ago and here are the pictures I took. Next time I will try to get better pictures. In the distance Getting closer Roller Coaster Alley
  12. What a jerk to do that to his kids. When I read, "The kid isn't going to grow up and do what [Hitler] did," I knew right away that he didn't care about his son. I would never refer to my son as, "The Kid". Give me a break. He used all three of his children as tools. What a sad example of a father and a mother.
  13. I fly airplanes for fun. So that's just a picture of me.
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