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  1. Definitely. Mammoth is better than 97% of the coasters I've ridden...by far my favorite ride of the trip. I was a bit disappointed when I realized how awesome it was right after I realized that it had a single rider line that I didn't take advantage of.
  2. Loch Ness Monster. But I'll forget to check and/or forget to draw, so anyone else is free to go as soon as the answer has been verified.
  3. You're lucky you weren't dismembered. I've hit my fingertips on the side of the tunnel when sitting on the left side, and you're a lot taller than I am. I still put my hands up, but no quite as extended since "the incident".
  4. Dude! You and your girlfriend sat next to me and my TPR Tour roommate at the Cirque Imagine (red dudes) show during Banshee Bash. You were cracking me up with your stories about broken headlights, the awesomeness of Hershey's Great Bear, and getting pulled over by dickish cops when all you were doing is staying up late, listening to music, and drawing. Awesome trip report...I hear your voice when I read it and it makes me laugh.
  5. SFFT isn't getting a B&M...at least not next year.
  6. Robb hinted on what the new attraction would be during the New Hotness trip, but I don't know if it's cool of me to repeat it, so I won't. He said that we'd all be happy with what Fiesta and Great Adventure announce for next year though.
  7. Thanks! Hyena Falls does seem way out of place on those images. I've yet to see it in person. I'm still curious why it was placed way out there when there was plenty of room behind Kima Bay without needed to remove many trees. Also, the red outline isn't random. That's the actual property boundary as listed by the county HW resides in. Kinda looks like an elf's shoe.... I asked about the disconnected waterslide during the Q&A session on the New Hotness trip and whether the waterpark would eventually be filled in and expanded to that area. They just smiled and said "it's all part of the master plan".
  8. "Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari is also posed next week to announce a $22 million ride project — the largest single ride investment in the park’s 68-year history." From the Evansville newspaper business section.
  9. Why wouldn't you get it? It's not that much more than a regular ticket and you'd still be able to do the nighttime ERT, if nothing else.
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