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  1. Sorry I haven't posted in a bit, I am currently banned from playing RCT3. Next update will be on October 3rd. Again, sorry for the delay.
  2. It is really nice to see a good flat ride in the park, but S&S Sky Swats are definitely not my favorite flat rides.
  3. Hello, this is Jerry Watson, CEO of GPD parks, and I am here to announce our brand new park, Surfside Gardens. This 250 acre park will house two roller coasters, a record-breaking water ride, a Paratrooper tower, and a set of bumper cars in its opening season. This being GPD Parks' first park, be ready for tons of expansion! We already have plans for next year. Some concept art has been created for how the unfinished park will look. Without further ado, the pictures! Here is our first roller coaster, a Intamin dueling wooden coaster titled "Dueling Eagles". It will stand 100 feet over the park, and reach speeds of up to 55 MPH! Featuring two double downs, 30 seconds of "air time", and a mechanically synced ride operation panel, this coaster will stand above all others! Dueling Eagles has a track length of 3,800 feet and will have a ride time of 1:30 seconds: Our last roller coaster is Predator, a Philadelphia Toboggan Company twister wooden roller coaster with 3,174 feet of track and speeds exceeding 55 MPH. It will stand at its highest point 125 feet off the ground. This is a test model for Philadelphia Toboggan Company, and is expected to be a major draw to the park: Next is our paratrooper tower, aptly named "Paratrooper". It will be the taller than any other paratrooper ride, towering 240 feet over the ground below. It will be manufactured with twelve chutes, and feature a newly designed and enhanced operation panel: We have our water ride, SplashDown up next. This ride is a prototype from Arrow Dynamics for its new style of water ride. It has the world's tallest water ride drop at 85 feet and a ride time of 1 minute 25 seconds. Riders are sure to get soaked on this ride and it will be a relief from the hot Miami heat: We have bumper cars called Dodgems which are located next to Predator: Here is our midway, with the uses of the buildings yet to be decided on: I will leave you with Surfside Gardens' logo: That is all I have for you today, and I hope to see you on May 29, 1984, which is opening day!. Criticism and comments are welcome.
  4. Hi guys, our family is in the initial stages of planning a trip to Germany, Switzerland and/or northeastern France. We were wondering if anybody has had any luck getting tours of the Intamin and perhaps B&M factories (I know the process is a secret), or even the headquarters. If there is no hope getting in to factories/headquarters, what are some great theme parks there other than Europa? Any advice welcome.
  5. This looks really good Atter! All the buildings are great, but the paths look a little bit bare. All the areas of the park look great! Overall, this is a good park, but with the potential to be amazing.
  6. O.K.. Since I was still in the planning stage, I had it in all-day mode, so I forgot about lighting.
  7. Opening Day, 2009 After months of construction and anticipation from thrill-seekers around the world, Six Flags Florida is finally open to the public! It is currently a rather small park with thrilling rides and a great dueling woodie named Dueling Eagles. Let's move on to pictures. Six Flags Florida's modest entrance. The beautiful Chairswing attraction named High Flyer. Dueling Eagles' layout from above. The view from the top of the second hill of Dueling Eagles The DC Universe section of the park, which contains two of our three coasters. Superman: Ultimate Flight, our B&M launched coaster. Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth, our Roundup flat ride, and Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom, our drop tower. Batman: The Ride, a B&M Inverted coaster, but not a clone of the other Batmans. Revolution, our discus attraction. Our Main Street Centerpiece. Please comment with suggestions. Please no hate, but criticism is good
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