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  1. Anything at this point will have no 10 minute waits standing on a brake run. That's the only thing I hated about the Togo coaster. The Togo coaster was very smooth and much much much better than Hurler.
  2. I am SO SO EXCITED to go on the the playground at the red lion hotel this afternoon!!! I will try to bring my big piece of burlap to slip all the slides with.
  3. At the end of the day at my job I go on the playground slides and swings. I work at a special needs school campus.
  4. Anyone has stayed at the red lion hotel in Harrisburg east? I will be staying there for the preview night. They have a huge PLAYGROUND which I will go on and a huge indoor and outdoor pool. I am 23 years old. I still go on playgrounds a lot.
  5. Can anyone tell me what the purple body slide in the playhouse is? Does it pull good Gs? I love waterslides that pull a lot of gs. I always want to go on it but the line is so very long every time I have been on the water park playground.
  6. https://www.facebook.com/272033340311/videos/vb.272033340311/251772489307/?type=2&theater Pov of part of the al delta coaster.
  7. I wish they would bring the Galaxy coaster back to go where Shockwave is currently. That coaster would have FAR better load times. Or any other compact coaster with just a lapbar and a seatbelt. Like the wildcat coaster that used to be at cedar point. Or a even windstorm coaster.
  8. Was the playground the whistlestop playground that got removed?
  9. Imtimidator305 felt really rough for a steel coaster yesterday when i rode it in the very back. My back now hurts this afternoon. Has anyone else noticed that Imtimidator305 is insanely rough for a steel coaster?
  10. I still do not totally understand how Shockwave has a very very long load time EVEN with two trains. You have to wait for a long time on the break run before you go back into the station. I rode it yesterday. I think it would be much faster with a one train operation.
  11. Possibly but I think sitting close to a computer screen would be more likely to make me more myopic.
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