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  1. Skyrush is my boo... but this may wipe the floor with it. Hopefully I'll get to find out soon! Savin' up some dough
  2. Theres a website, I'll see if i can find it, they compile attendance record for the park. I think its called "Crowd Calendar"...? I've used it in the past for my visits, and it was seldom wrong. Park was a ghost town. EDIT: I can't find it anywhere. I've found pictures of past years "crowd calendars" on pintrest, but when I search the website that it says its from (www.thepointOL.com) I get a message saying "website unavailable". Damn shame, their expected crowd levels always seemed so accurate, and being my homepark, there was many chances for the crowd calendar to be wrong.
  3. As already stated by others, X-flight/Firehawk for sure! I love the lie to fly/fly to lie transitions, and Vekoma was a lot more imaginative with the layout than the early B&M flyers were. Very creative layout, and a few really forceful elements. Really my only complaint is the lengthy loading process, and how FUCKING LOUD the chain lift is Honorable mention to Nighthawk, GiBs, and the plethora of Disney Vekomas, as they all ride suberbly!
  4. Although I'd consider Skyrush to be my #1 coaster overall, CP's collection of coasters has some of my all time favorites. And on a side note I'd put i305 tied with MilF. Onto the list: 1. Maverick 2. Millenium Force 3. Magnum XL-200 4. TTD (in front seat) 5.&6. Rou and Raptor (interchangeable) *I imagine Valravn to fall here* 7. Gatecreeper 8. Gemini 9. Wicked Twister (very front, or very back) 10. Blue Streak 11. Iron Dragon (childhood favorite haha) 12. CCMR 13. Corkscrew 14. blah, don't care to fill out the rest.
  5. Remember people bitching about how drawn out Formula Rossa is? Then it turned out to be pretty damn intense. I mean its a 200+ ft tall Intamin coaster with a steep as fuck first drop. I SEVERELY doubt it will be anywhere NEAR underwhelming. Almost every damn announcement now has to have people whining about how boring or forceless it LOOKS. Until its built AND you ride it, STFU. *edit- Sorry, that may have been super bitchy. Its just aggravating. Either everybody is jaded as hell, or almost every new coaster sucks ass. You can decide which.
  6. It looks a little more drawn out than MSC, which I think will be a good thing! RMC is always improving every little detail. Thats why they'll be rival to Intamin in a decade or so. Pushing the envelope with consistency.
  7. I used to be a real Raptor fanboy; the ride has a spectacular and complete layout. However, in recent years, it just seems to move quite a bit slower than it used to. I'm not sure if I'm imagining it or if it's being caused by age/rust. Gatekeeper is a beautiful coaster. And the way it fills out the front gate, superb. I've had some really good rides on it, but whenever I seem to get a good forceful ride, I get this weird "bouncy" feeling. It's not that B&M rattle, its something else. It feels like the wing is literally bouncing up and down, and it hurts my coccyx. I broke it 11 years ago, so that may be part of the problem, but either way, its the only steel coaster I've experienced this on. My vote goes for Rou. It has plenty of G's, a loud ass roar, and some really great snappy transitions. Plus the layout seems a lot more inspired than many newer beemers, with all the twists in place of copy-paste "elements". Really great layout. I imagine Valravn will beat it though next year, as I have a real penchant for dive machines
  8. Definitely Jaguar! at Knott's. It just has such a unique... personality..? ..character..? Its just so cool how much it interacts with the entire area, and threads the loop of Montezuma's Revenge. Very integrated into the park. It really could be tied with Monty as my second favorite coaster in the park, obviously behind Xcellerator. Also Superdooperlooper at Hershey, fantastic coaster for the whole family, and a great first looping coaster for the kids. I also predict once the Revolution becomes the New Revolution, it will be at the top of this list. Such a long, graceful layout of sweeping turns, terrain hugging, and a pretty damn forceful loop. Cannot wait to see this classic, iconic coaster restored to its former glory.
  9. BY FAR, Mr. BoneStripper from Nothing but Trouble: skip to the 1:35 mark!
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